Monday, 20 September 2010

care to come along?

blog camp berlin has come and gone and i find myself still processing the many things we've seen, but mostly the things we talked about. and there certainly was a lot of talk. and laughter!

what amazed me most was how different we all were and still seemed to form a togetherness as a group almost instantly. thank you julie for bringing us together for such a fabulous weekend!

i'm so happy berlin was kind to us and spared us too many downpours. i only wish we had found more cafés with tables for six - we did a lot of autumnal meals al fresco, huddled in blankets at the outside tables.

of course, berlin blog camp wouldn't have been complete without a photo walk through mitte, including a peek at some galleries and a visit of do you read me?!, a whole shop dedicated to magazines.

care to come along for a bit?

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Marion said...

YEAH !!!!!!
Love those shots very very very much !
Is that an installation on the window ?

kristina said...

yes, please! I want to see it all!

kristina said...
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Unknown said...

wish I were ther too! look forward to more pics!

isabelle said...

Great photos!
I wish I could have been with you guys!

inna karenina said...

sounds like fun - I wish I could have been there too! great photos as well:)

julochka said...

I can't believe you got pix back already! they're beautiful. and they take me back already. it was a wonderful time. thank you so much!!!


jana said...

i want to go to that shop! i actually have the "do you read me?" card on my wall (love the writing), but never got inside (it was closed when i wanted to).
ach...your pictures so often make me want to go to berlin!

MANDY said...

How lovely, the photographs are so great, so glad you had fun .... "Do you read me" sounds like my kind of shop !!!

Bárbara said...

this are so beautiful, glad you had a lovely time! really looking forward seeing that pics

Tandlerin said...

Ich hab mich in diesen Blog verliebt!

Sammi said...

Thanks for showing us around your city Kristina!

Jude said...

You were a wonderful host! And there was so much talking!