Saturday 30 October 2010

questions, answers, comments

nordic bakery

dear readers (known and unknown), this is just to say thank you for your questions, answers and comments. this little conversation we have going here means a lot.

a big thank you to kristina in sweden and all the others for explaining how to customise the html for flickr photos to the size i need. you are the best! - oh, if you want to know how to get bigger pictures on your blog, take a look at the comments to this post. it may sound a little daunting, but isn't really. just a little extra step, plus your images are linked to flickr, which i think is an extra benefit.

yet more thank you's here (not mine, this time), they will make you smile, i promise (and thank you, la ninja, for pointing me to it!).

picture taken at the nordic bakery in spring. it's been kind of too long since i've been to london.

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Friday 29 October 2010

market days

saturdays are market days around here. i'm already looking forward to going tomorrow. what are your plans?

p.s.: i'm thinking about switching to flickr when posting photos here. only i can't find an html code for an 800 size (the size i'm currently using with picasa). anyone got any ideas? many thanks!

oh, and since dorte asked why i want to link to picasa or flickr in the first place (i love questions! :)): simply because the large size that blogger allows me to upload directly is too small for my liking. or have some new developments bypassed me?

Wednesday 27 October 2010


why are we afraid of big changes when there are little changes all around us, all the time?
can you live outside the mainstream?
how does the microcosm of relationships and friendships address different parts of ourselves?
should i seek out new ways of bringing bread-winning and art together?
how can i miraculously get a hasselblad? (would you check your attics, just in case?)

this is a corner view. for links to other corner viewers, head on over to jane's.

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

across the lake

in the end, we didn't make it to the pfaueninsel. instead we took the ferry across wannsee. one of my favourite day trips in berlin.

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Monday 25 October 2010


when you visit berlin and you're getting up early, you can tiptoe across the hallway to your aunt's bedroom, sneak in, have a little chat with her and watch the cat. then you make your aunt give you some much too big socks and her favourite sweater and sit in the kitchen. you get to do some colouring and have some chocolate milk. not a bad start to your day.

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family was here this past weekend. it kind of feels very quiet now they've gone. the nieces were great and it felt good to be the top-of-the-list to sit next to or to have one's hair brushed and a ponytail made, or a story read to. also, i'm now rated a top-notch stick finder. says l (5) to her sister a (3): 'she finds the best sticks, and she'll find one for you too'. which she did. the sticks, of course, immediately turned into horses. its 'front name' being angel, its 'behind-name' suzie. if you ask her nicely, she'll run round and round in a circle.

p.s.: hope to have some film shots from the weekend soon and perhaps a couple to share.

p.p.s.: what's your motto for this week?

p.p.p.s.: i've just decided mine is 'don't chicken out!'

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Thursday 21 October 2010

the circus

these are some outttakes from my latest project. i had such a good time, so many things to see, so many scenes that just ask to be captured. sometimes, in the buzz of it all, and the low light, i didn't hold quite still enough (or the others didn't). but even those more elusive takes bring back the atmosphere and make me smile.

for those of you looking for a corner view on 'holiday photos': i'm afraid i didn't get a proper break this year. but if you like, you can take a look at some impressions from my trip to the venice biennial last year here.

p.s.: note the near empty litre-bottle of chocolate milk under the bench in the first image. not everyone drank beer or prosecco at the opening of this year's art forum, it seems.

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Tuesday 19 October 2010

for the love of parks

when i was a child, my parents took us for a sunday walk as long as i can remember. being the eldest of six siblings, i remember many moments when we arrived at our destination and people stopped, stunned, to look at us getting out of the car. we must have seemed quite exotic. those walks were an endless source of fascination for me, we'd be walking around for an hour or two, in some forest or park or along a river. we'd pick up the kind of things you find as a child: sticks, chestnuts, leaves to be pressed at home, feathers, stones. only when i was a teenager, i had a phase were i'd rather stay at home than join my family for the sunday walk. then i went back to being a passionate walker. i know some people who wish i wasn't, since i make them treck along with me for. but i simply love it. living in a city doesn't always make this easy. but there are parks.

these photographs were taken at the buergerpark in bremen, again, holding lots of childhood memories for me, as it's the city i grew up in. would you believe this is in somewhere in the middle of a city?

one of my favourite spots here in berlin is the pfaueninsel (peacock island). prussian king friedrich wilhelm II initiated quite a bit of building work and landscaping there, as he used the island - conveniently close to the palace in potsdam - as a love nest for himself and his mistress wilhelmine enke. there are also stories about one of the prussian kings keeping perfumed cows on the island so he could come and milk them. fancied himself being a farmer, but without the mess, please.

this weekend, my sister and her family are visiting. and there is a high probability we will visit the pfaueninsel, even more so, as until the end of october, you can still see olafur eliasson's blind pavilion on the island.

well now, enough daydreaming, it's back to work for me. have a good day!

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Sunday 17 October 2010

some days are golden

today is one of them. the light is so beautiful, i don't quite think i'll be able to capture it with my camera. but i can feel how it teases me to smile. (by the way, little miss panther is turning a bit chubby. could be i'm giving her too many treats.)

on the days not so golden (not just weather-wise), i often wish i was better at problem solving and crisis management. i tend to panic and worry so much, even though i'm a rather level-headed person. what's your very best trouble shooting strategy?

p.s.: thanks so much for all your music tips, i've been busy listening already!

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Friday 15 October 2010

baby, you can drive my car

sometimes i wish i could just get into the car and drive away. preferably a vintage car that isn't prone to mechanical hiccups. or, of course, i could get some mechanical training before, so i could just fix it all in a whizz.

p.s.: i really could do with some new music to cheer me up, i think i may have a little bout of autumn glumness. i have a very eclectic taste - bach and wechsel garland, du chanson francais or indie, i like them all, you get the picture. would you leave me a link or music recommendations in the comments? you are the best!

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Wednesday 13 October 2010


the leaves were green as can be just ten days ago, now they are turning. and falling. still, here's the proof: i saw green, a lot of green, just recently. k and i were sitting under that huge tree that first weekend of october, having lunch at emma am see.

now, i'm a city girl at heart. having grown up fairly close to the city centre, but with a big garden, i always felt like i had the best of both worlds. the only thing i would have wished for was growing fruit and vegetables in the garden. wouldn't it be perfect to pick berries and apples straight from the tree?, i would say to my mum. there was no way of convincing her, though. she had been preserving garden fruits her entire childhood, you see. for her, that idea wasn't exactly romantic.

i'm still dreaming of a garden. one day. soon.

happy corner viewing! more links for corner view via otli and also via jane's spain daily, even though she's on a bit of a break for a while.

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Monday 11 October 2010

altogether different

just when i've been shooting miles and miles of kodak 400 and think to myself how much i love the grain and that this might be it after all, i'm picking up some slide and that gets me too. am i too promiscuous?

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Saturday 9 October 2010

what i've been up to

i'm very tired. busy days with lots of walking and meeting people and shooting film. here's a tiny sneak preview of what i've been doing lately. i hope to be able to tell you more about this project before the end of the year.

and what have you been doing this weekend?

p.s.: thank you for bearing with me: i know i am terribly behind with reading and commenting and there are also emails i didn't get a chance to respond to. please don't think i have forgotten, it's just been a whirlwind recently and it will get better, i promise!

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Tuesday 5 October 2010

oh, october

my niece picking blackberries. in fact, several nieces picking backberries, even though you can't see them all here. and the little crop was delicious - offered from stained little hands, slightly squished and with that special sweet-sourness.

also: thank you so much to everybody for making yesterday a special day: you can't really beat getting up and finding a breakfast table laid out with flowers, cake and a candle, and getting kind messages all around. dankeschön!

p.s.: should the images not load properly, please try reloading my blog outside your reader, i've had a technical glitch this morning. should be back to normal with the next post though!

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Friday 1 October 2010

al fresco

this is officially the last round of my blog camp photos: our final breakfast al fresco, at nola's in the weinbergspark. if you want to sit inside, rather than huddling outside with swiss army blankets until the sun comes out, do book in advance, particularly on saturdays and sundays. i obviously didn't. my luck, that all fellow blog campers were so gracious as not to totally hate me for that. on the plus side, once the sun came out, we had a beautiful view over the park where some kids were flying their kites. (plus we had the dubious pleasure of burning coffee powder in small dishes to 'smoke' away the wasps. very intriguing.) it was such an amazing weekend, thanks again to julie, gwen, sammi, beth and judith!

anyway, i've got some busy days ahead. starting with tonight's opening of the soulages show at martin gropius bau, a host of art events will take place. coming up next week: three art fairs - art forum, preview and abc - plus countless gallery openings and special events. i will be out and about with a friend, working on a photo project, so it might be a bit quieter around here, although i will try to check in!

also, seeing k this weekend. have a good time, all!

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