Saturday, 25 September 2010

saturday inspiration

1. 30 bpm, 2. 264:365 daily drive, 3. Untitled, 4. cycling in Aude, 5. fly high, 6. ledge, 7. some places just hold more magic than others..., 8. ., 9. Untitled

i know, i know, i've only just done one. but i couldn't help myself. so here's another round of flickr goodness.

as always, these images are not mine, but were taken by some gifted photographers on flickr - a click on the respective caption underneath the mosaic will take you to their photo stream. i hope these are as inspiring to you as they are to me.

before i get back to work, here's a quote i've been thinking about a lot lately (have i posted it before? i cannot remember):

live in rooms full of light.
-cornelius celsus

p.s.: i can't get enough of figs at the moment - they are still barely in season (well, the imported ones from turkey anyway). gourmet traveller has some amazing recipes. do you have any genius ideas how to enjoy this last taste of summer?

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Unknown said...

Lovely. A sense of happy fall!

Lollipop said...

lovely, again.
happy we

jana said...

love the clothes, and the colours of the flowers, and the kid and the air, and the light and shadowa in the alley...lovely composed.
i'm drinking litres of tea, not sage, but an awful herbal mix that is supposed to "loosen" that cough...still waiting though. uff. geduld. schönes restwochenende!!

la ninja said...

but, did you know you've been inspiring elsewhere too?


Helena said...

Mmmmm - love this!

Bárbara said...

thanks for sharing! inspiring!

P R I M O E Z A said...

beautiful selection. the internet can be overwhelming with its continuous stream of amazing imagery.

Jenna said...

kristina, that's the best quote i've heard in a long time! another favourite of mine is, "art is much too serious a matter to leave to artists who don't dare anymore to make mistakes." have a lovely new week.

Unknown said...

haha, I love the cycling in Aude photo......that's where I live!

Our fig tree is groaning with fruit, have you tried roasting them slowly in the oven and eat them with mozzarella and walnuts?

MANDY said...

I missed these for some reason ... how great are figs, and so pretty too ... I think you would like the light here in Australia,me on the other hand would love a little less light !!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing these!! so beautiful. I love that quote too. you have a very inspiring blog here!!