Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the incredible, the mysterious moustache

mrs. winsor mccay by the library of congress
j.p. morgan - judge dickinson - viscountness haldane by the library of congress
three by ida kristin

there was a time when wearing a moustache was de rigeur. today, not so much. if you still fancy it, get yourself a t-shirt... a big thank you to ida kristin for letting me use her photo - her t-shirt is from topshop, but sadly out of stock. so, dear reader, why not make a stencil and customise some goodies in your wardrobe?

this is a corner view, hosted this week by cate. next week's theme is 'orange' and will be hosted by otli.

p.s.: i know someone else who owns a moustache t-shirt!

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Anonymous said...

It seems to be fashion to "wear"a moustache, today !!!
I love this tee shirt !!!

Isabelle said...

I love the tee shirt and I planned to buy it in this web shop : http://www.guapito.be/

Marion said...

That's my fault I assume ?

Everytime I wear the moustache t shirt I have compliments & laughs & smiles... !

likeschocolate said...

It is funny how the mustache has become all the rage in artistic work these days. Thankfully, my husband doesn't like them. Yahoo!

l i s e said...

but where is the tee shirt
great images

cate said...

my dad had a mustache in the late 70's... love seeing those crazy pictures of him with his 'stache! i'm getting my stencil ready! xoxo

anna said...

love the last pic ♥

Grey Lemon said...

Nice mustache t-shirt (and pix-heart tatoo!). Love the vintage prints!

Bárbara said...

moustache just rocks! i love that tee

alexandria said...

Wonderful idea and photos.

Kari said...

love the t-shirt.

outi said...

hmmm...don´t have a moustache t-shirt.. but you maybe also like this photo;


also other photos from her are truly adorable.

;) said...

Beautiful photos !!! Perfect expressions for mustache ! I'll customize my shirt ;)
Have a nice day !

Lollipop said...

those are wonderful!!!

MANDY said...

Really great, I want one !!!