Thursday 27 September 2012


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the other night at a friends' party. it was a very good night.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

art watching (II)

art watching (II) art watching (II) art watching (II)
some more art watching at abc / art berlin contemporary. when i picked up the roll, i noticed the girl with the pink shoes and her boy appearing several times in my frames, we must have been walking through the halls at the same pace. they seemed very fond of each other - it makes me happy to see people like that.

top: timm ulrichs, konzert der türen (concert of the doors), 1995/2012
middle: gerold miller
bottom: carmelo tedeschi

Thursday 20 September 2012

art watching (I)

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you know what i like best at art shows, openings in particular? it's obvious, isn't it? 

(both images taken at abc / art berlin contemporary
top: not-so-behind-the-scenes scene; bottom: art watching at boers li gallery)

Saturday 15 September 2012

a blue night

a blue night a blue night a blue night

it was a blue night - the opening of abc (art berlin contemporary), taking place under the umbrella of berlin art week this year. taking the bronica with me, but no tripod, and a film with quite a pronounced grain, this is what i got. plus some unintentional light leaks, which means - pretty as they are - i'll have to take the camera back to the repair place. hey-ho!

in any case, i'm much enjoying the art week so far! off to some more art shows, an art book fair, and a party tonight. at long last a weekend that's not dominated by work. have a good weekend yourselves!

bottom image: art work by isabelle le minh, presented by galerie christophe gaillard, paris.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

to gather with friends

to gather with friends to gather with friends

to gather with friends around a table, with homemade food, much to share and some jolly good laughter is one of the best things i can think of. oh, and the light will be low, more often than not, so you might well end up with exactly two pictures to remember that night.

Sunday 9 September 2012


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thank you so much for your comments on my last post - i so relate to saving up for a dream camera: it was a long way for me. i'm a big believer in dreams, they have a way of coming true with time, sometimes when we least expect it.

i went to favourite places in my neighbourhood on that first photo walk with the bronica. what a good feeling to know there is so much to learn, i'm very much looking forward to it.

i'm loving september so far, how about you?

Friday 7 September 2012


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it's a bronica EC, friends. i'm over the moon.

after years of rumination, i finally made the leap and went for a 6x6 medium format camera. a hasselblad was out of reach budget-wise, so i settled for its japanese counterpart, a vintage bronica EC from 1972. i'm so very happy about this new addition to my camera collection.

when i received the parcel, i couldn't wait to go out the very same afternoon to shoot a test roll and take it to the lab. i woke in the early hours, having dreamt of being told there was nothing on the roll - and being absolutely devastated. was of course silly excited when it turned out there were indeed pictures on the film. some minor trouble is the white residue you can see on these scans, so the bronica is being serviced. a first check confirmed lens and body are fine, it's probably to do with a crumbling foam sealer in the film back, which will be replaced. camera buffs out there - do you have any other guesses?

happy weekend, everyone!

p.s.: while i'm picking your brains: any of you using an epson v500 or epson v600 scanner? would you recommend it?

Tuesday 4 September 2012

the archives

the archives the archives the archives

morning! a breakfast from the archives. here's hoping you had a good start to your day.

september is bringing us glorious light, the warmest, gentlest sunshine. doesn't it feel like a turning point: while in august, summer is the general expectation, in september, each summery day is gratefully received and much enjoyed.

Monday 3 September 2012

urban walk (II)

urban walk (II) urban walk (II)

we went to see the glorious anthony mccall light sculptures at hamburger bahnhof (museum of contemporary art), and took lots of pictures. sadly, i wasn't allowed to use my tripod, and when i went to pick up the roll from the lab, i found that none of the light images had come out. well, that was a bit of a downer.

anyway, there still are a handful of images on the roll. these are two of the survivors. taken at the barn, where we fortified ourselves with cake and some pop. the writing on marion's new bag - "dit is mir jacke wie hose" - is berlin speak for "all the same to me" or "i don't mind", literally "like jacket like trousers to me." you wonder how they cooked up that saying.

have a good start to your week (or enjoy the labor day weekend, if you're lucky enough)!