Tuesday, 7 September 2010

at the vineyard and other stories

sometimes i stop and wonder and ask myself: am i happy, am i content? and the answer is yes, i am. which, of course, doesn't keep my from doing a little bit of token complaining on the side. like, it's too cold, summer is over far too quickly, why oh why do i have to put the heating on again? sometimes i'm stressed about work, sometimes there are things i wouldn't mind having, like a little holiday. but looking at the bigger picture, you know, my everyday life seems full of good things. and i'm grateful. last week had quite a few highlights.

visiting a vineyard in baruth, a small town an hour from berlin
making my first ever apple and blackberry crumble
planning a weekend with k
looking forward to a family reunion (make that 20+ people, of which seven kids under nine)
picking up a roll of film from the lab
sewing skirts for my nieces with a good friend (without whom it wouldn't have happened)

here are some shots from the vineyard. it was beautiful, despite the rain and despite the fact that i underestimated the distance from the station to the venue. i ended up walking 50 mins each way in my heeled boots. silly girl. next time i'm taking my bike or a friend with a car...


MANDY said...

Just lovely, your words as well as your photographs !!!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

ah, what a lovely post. and it helped remind me that life is really good. even on a stressed day like this :)

rosh hashana (happy new year) from here (yup, we're just about to celebrate the jewish new year)

alexandria said...

I like your determination. Lovely photos!

Marion said...

My parents brought me back some Bordeaux tea last week... Don't really know what it can taste like but when I see your pictures I want to try.
Hope your week end was as good as it sounds !

Anonymous said...

Ich liebe Weinberge, dort wo ich aufgewachsen bin gibt es ganz viele und wenn ich zu Hause bin liebe ich es dort spazieren zu gehen...
lieber gruß, das sind wirklich tolle highlights