Wednesday, 1 September 2010


there are a few things september does better than other months, hands down.

very high skies
mellow morning and afternoon light
wistfulness with a golden edge
apples and plums
sunny walks with just the right amount of chillyness
calling up summer memories and sealing them
the last round of hydrangeas
making me crave knitwear
making me feel restless in the best possible way

happy september to you!

pictures taken on the tiny farmers' market on seelower straße right next to sgaminegg, and at home

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alexandria said...

I love this list, it embodies September perfectly.

Ulrika said...

yes! September is one of my fav months, and you've made it clear why - with your list!

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to that golden light!

isabelle said...

happy september!

nath said...

yes, you're right and i love it too, but it has come round rather quickly. this year i am finding it harder to let go of summer...

MANDY said...

I love that first shot, just magic !!!

Marion said...

Oh I love this lamp and this list.
Big up for September !

inna karenina said...

so true! i'm already enjoying this month so much:-) happy september!

(love those photos a lot.)

Anonymous said...

How I agree with your list; love knitwear, plums and memories :)
Lovely September!

Unknown said...

these photos are just so beautiful.....and I am so happy to see you too love Praktica cameras!

Bee said...

lovely list . . . especially, "wistfulness with a golden edge"

and yes, I crave knitwear, too!

malo said...

September is magical. Together with June and November my favourite month. I havn't been here for a long time. Your photos inspiring and stunning as always. Happy September to you. Hugs