Thursday 23 September 2010

far off

at times it feels as if i'm far off from where i want to be with my photography. but then again: i'm on my way.

(we wandered on from the spiegelsaal to take a look at the courtyard of the institute of contemporary art - KW on auguststrasse. i love that glass pavilion by dan graham, which houses a café.)

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jana said...

café bravo right?! love it too, the light in there especially. a friend of mine works in their kitchen.
love the girls in the last image :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi jana, yes, it's café bravo! :)

a lot of new wallpaper-grafittis have popped up in berlin recently, i love them. this one is on auguststrasse, close to kunstwerke.

Unknown said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean!

isabelle said...

i love the second one and the girls on the last one.

i know what you mean. sometimes, the kind of photos i want to take is very clear in my mind but it feels like i never have enough time or i am not in the right place. but i hope to get there one day.

PS: was i even clear in what i just said?

Jude said...

Although I do know what you mean in terms of what you see and what you mean to take and what then the photos do look like, I have to say your photos are so amazing and appealling!

julochka said...

you must put some of these on flickr so i can fave them! :-)

and i must get more brave about walking around only with a film camera.

these pictures are gloriously film-y.

Anonymous said...

you take very beautiful photographs!!! As one who is passionate about photography myself, I completely know what you mean about feeling "far off," yet feeling like you are on your way at the same time. Beautifully said. I'm excited to check out your flickr!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love these too, esp. the reflection!

Bárbara said...

the one of the reflection is just adorable!
have a lovely weekend!!

Unknown said...

It is difficult to find oneself in the right moment in the right place...just enjoy everyplace and everymoment, and of course enjoy the way.
Lovely ones!

Bee said...

The overlay of green in these is so appealing . . . especially since it is a horribly wet and gray day here in England.

Mary said...

berlin seems to have such great cafés!
the second photo is fab :)

malo said...

Oh, the second photo. I'll mail you about it. I am amazed.