Friday, 7 May 2010

friday inspiration

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well hello again. i haven't posted flickr faves in a while. as you know, these are not my photos, but pictures taken by other flickr friends who do stunning stuff. click on the caption underneath to see their photostream. and thanks so much to all those amazing people on flickr for sharing their images - it makes me very happy indeed.

so. is it just me, or do you also wonder sometimes why you fave certain photos? clearly, quite often my subconscious is pressing the fave button. or why else is there always some theme running through my faves that i didn't consciously have in mind? what strikes me with this mosaic for example, is that the colours are more or less the colours i like to wear at the moment. perhaps these are my personal spring colours? oh, and there are doubtlessly more things you could read into this selection, a bit scary actually.

some of these faves have to do with my search for simple patterns for kids' clothes. i'm looking for tutorials, and have already found some. my next project will be summer skirts for my nieces. but if you have more pointers, do leave me a comment, i'd love that! oh, and do any of you have experience with those lovely japanese pattern books (the stylish dress book 2 or similar, say for kids)? are they manageable when you have zero japanese?

finally, to round up my random friday ramblings: yesterday was a funny day. it started out pretty glum and then steadily got better. i even went along with a friend to present a book project - his concept, my photographs. and seeing those draft layouts with my photos on them was quite something else. oh wow. scary. and wonderful. we'll see how it goes.

have a good weekend! i'm off to spend it with k and to wear my new little black dress.


la ninja said...

wow. nice one on the book.
good luck but mainly congrats on taking the plunge :)

Marion said...

great selection as usual.
Lovely week end K !

natsumi said...

I love the Friday inspiration! These are amazing photos!!

Making summer skirts for your nieces sounds lovely! If you have any problems with Japanese, please let me know!

ps. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! xo

isabelle said...

Oh: I love when you post your flickr faves!

Anna said...

i love your favorites. it is a really interesting thing--why we choose what? i find my aesthetic and what i am attracted to changes almost daily.

MANDY said...

I do love your Friday Inspirations ... the book project sounds interesting ..good luck !!!
Have a lovely weekend XXX

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

Your photos are really poetic.
greetings from copenhagen

Ritva said...

lovely inspirations!

Esti said...

Thanks for visitting me. I love your selection of pics, as well as the hues :)

Christine said...

so so beautiful!