Monday, 17 May 2010

200: looking out

this is my two-hundredth post. for some bloggers two hundred posts happen in the blink of an eye, but for me it's been quite a journey. when i look back, a lot of things have happened since i started out. sometimes when i go through my archives, like this weekend, i'm puzzled by the fact that the first roll of film i've taken since i was a teenager dates only from march last year. how come i haven't taken analogue photogaphs for such a long time? perhaps for some things the time has to be right.

sometimes i wish i could study photography. i imagine being taught lots of things, but mostly i love the idea of having fellow students with whom to talk about pictures and projects and ways of seeing. about where the journey might lead next. playful and serious conversations about ideas or feelings of being stuck in a rut. then again, i'm sure one would have to deal with feelings of competition and possibly inadequacy, and perhaps i would even feel more confused about where the path is leading than i do now.

in any case, studying photography simply isn't an option right now. and i feel i have feedback from friends, here in berlin, and also online - here and on flickr. which means a lot. there's a lot of freedom in that too. - so, looking out: here's to lots of things to be learned, lots of rolls of film to be shot, to the journey ahead.

and who knows, maybe we could have a real photo-get-together someday. a weekend perhaps on which to share photographs and to talk about them. to give each other feedback, to share questions. i would love that.

i'd love to hear how you feel about the process of finding one's way in photography and the things you think about, the things that are your issues in photography at the moment. if you like, drop me an email.

oh, and before i forget, if you leave a comment on this post, i'll happily include you in a draw for a little surprise. i'll let you know early next week who won. have a good week!


máni said...

congratulations on 200 posts!!!

i'm looking forward to seeing the next 200. :)

la ninja said...

you know I'm into my "telephotony" so, alas, no advice. however, I reckon sometimes formal education at the wrong time can, indeed, mess up with intuition and experiment.
you're a fabulous autodidact, obviously, and I reckon that's the art behind your pics (which I totally totally dig.)

hooray to that!

Marion said...

happy 200 !!
looking forward to the 300 !

Unknown said...

I once listen about a great woman photographer of Magnus. She was not taught. She was given a camera when she was young, and learnt by herself. She made just horizontal photos for 10 years, just because she didn´t know that could put it in vertical. That detail marked me a lot. How a woman that even cannot know that could make vertical photos, could make so great photos?
It is something inside us. And you have it.

inna karenina said...

congrats for 200 posts!

to study photography and learn more would be amazing. but even more I would love to meet lots of people with whom to talk about photography and other things, like you mentioned. people who would understand my passion for photography, who might have a lot in common with me. as right now, there is only my sister - and even she, over 500 km away.

studying photography might be possible for me - I could have applied to study it this spring. but I decided not to. first I want to learn a tad more, to become more confident about my photos, to find my vision even a little more, and to become less confused. I think then I would be more ready to actually study photography, and to deal with those feelings of competition and inadequacy.

for me, feedback in flickr and on my blog are really, really important. online is the only place to get any feedback, to have my photos visible for others and find inspiration from photography of others. at least for now. maybe next autumn, when moving to another town.. so obviously I am really grateful for every single comment I get. those words, books and experimenting with my camera are my ways to continue my journey with photography.

It seems I wrote a long, long comment (maybe I should have sent it as an e-mail..) but all I really wanted to say is that I can relate to those thoughts about wanting to study photography, finding one's way in photography. and that your photos are always inspiration for me.

Sharni said...

Congrats on 200 posts! I think that is pretty huge.. I think have done just over 20 on mine so far. I studied photography a few years ago but I dropped out half way as the course I was doing was too digital, competitive and commercial for me. I still don't take as many photos as I would like esp on analog, but I just try to keep it fun which is wasn't when I was studying it.. but I did learn heaps. I used to be very against digital cameras up until about 3 years ago when I thought it might be best for a long trip I was taking. But whatever, analog for life! P.s I like your photos :)

Mary said...

congrats on your 200th post!!
here's to the second 200!

Polly said...

I had that though about studying photography in my head for a while too. I really wish I had time to do it but on the other hand I wonder whether that's necessary. Other than possibility of talking about phototaking with other enthusiasts, what can a course give you that you couldn't learn from snapping and analysing your own shots and looking at photos others take and post on flickr. I feel I've learnt so much from flickr, much more than from reading the books about photography. But then again my phototaking is much more amateurish than yours.

But I totally agree that photo-blog-camp would be simply awesome! We should do that.

Anonymous said...

Happy 200th Kristina !!!

Christine said...

congrats....... Merci

isabelle said...

happy anniversary!!!

i could talk forever about photography! and i just love the feedback i get on flickr and on my blog.
i love the inspiration too.

I'd love to learn more about the technical issues. i ma so instinctive...

wonderful about the surprise:)

jane said...

happy 200! just last night i dreamt that i went to the local art school to sign up for there 3 year photography course... we are living parallel lives. i love talking shop- drop me an email whenever the mood strikes- :) p.s. wouldn´t it be fun to all meet somewhere in the middle and have a photo op weekend?

malo said...

Happy 200!

I would love to study art too. In my case graphic design.

You are so right about the internet and its possibilities.

I am looking forwad to follow your continuing development as a photographer.

Veja cecilia said...

happy 200! I like your blog:)

alexandria said...

To me education and learning doesn't always happen in a classroom. I appreciate the help and advice others offer me online or in person. It is the action of doing photography I find I learn the most. I love how thoughtful your words are. You and your photos are inspiring.

nina said...

hi there. i have been reading for awhile and been a bit shy to comment. i can so relate to what you are saying, so much so that i am switching careers to go back to school to become an art teacher. i had a b/w photography course years ago as an undergrad and am taking an advanced class this summer. do i think that the teacher/professor will have all of the answers and i will be become an overnight photographing sensation? no -- i much more look forward to learning from my peers and getting their feedback and being around new ideas and thoughts.

i was so scared and stuck to try something different than what i had been doing, but i do recall one of your previous posts that deal with what stops us from doing things and believe it or not, that was one of the snippets that pushed me forward -- a belated thank you for that!

i think you have a wonderful eye and natural knack for photography so perhaps classes would just enhance your innate talents...

sorry to have rambled!

Andrea said...

Photography has saved my life! A bold statement but absolutely true. I was drifting and had no recollection of my life...Photography has made me see my world in ways nothing else could have...
The beauty! Oh the beauty...
Lovely post and blog. Good luck.

kristina said...

hello my dear kristina,
congratulations on your 200th post! as so often, your words resonate with me. I also sometimes dream about studying photography, and having people around me with whom to discuss and enjoy photos with. I feel that I'm fluttering around, trying new things and trying to find my style. my constant question is whether any of what I do photowise is any good... often it seems to me that anyone could do what I do, and I find it hard to know if that's true or not. but the joy photography brings me is the same anyway :-)
oh, I'd love a photo-get-together! just say when :-)