Monday, 3 May 2010

lots of light

a weekend in the countryside is hard to beat, even for a city flower like me. i went a bit wild with the aperture, it seems, the film caught a lot of light. but in a way that's quite apt. it was such a sunny day when i took these, we even got a little sunburnt, sitting in the garden all day.

oh, and does anyone know what that green plant is? i've got no idea, but i liked it. it seemed a bit tropical in the middle of the cotswolds.

p.s.: spot edward, the cat. she's (yes, it's a girl) in two of the shots.
p.p.s.: yay for floh! she's right, the mysterious plant is "wolfsmilch", english spurge (or euphorbia). there are tons of different species - i think this one is euphorbia venata.


Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

These are lovely! And so British :-)

Marion said...

gosh this looks like perfect holidays !!!!
No idea with the name of the plant, but a cool look indeed !

Floh said...

The plant looks like (in German) Wolfsmilch. The dictonary says "asthma weed". I like your photos a lot. Greeting from Berlin

Unknown said...

Next time, ask me to go with. I think I need something similar...just with the cat and a terrase, with white wine and a good book.

MANDY said...

This all looks so beautiful, I just adore the house and it's surroundings .... what a lovely way to spend the day.X

small forest said...

It looks like a type of Euphorbia to me.