Friday, 27 August 2010

what to look forward to

it's raining. by which i mean: pretty much non-stop. i find myself looking at the calendar and thinking: weather, are you out of your mind? it's august! perhaps you have exhausted yourself in june and july with that heatwave, instead of pacing yourself a little. and see what good it's doing? learn from it!

only, that doesn't really change things.

and so. even though i'm refusing to utter the name of the coming season just yet and stubbornly hold on to summer, i will tell you (and myself) what to look forward to:

plum cake (will try nath's recipe pronto)
dramatic skies
socks (really? not so sure)
a new scarf
a walk by the lake (any lake will do)
bill evans
the new, tiny farmers market on seelower strasse

what are you looking forward to? (northern or southern hemisphere, i want to know it all.)

p.s.: do you think you could help me with something? i'm compiling a list of nice places to see in sydney and melbourne for a friend (wish i could go!). think great neighbourhhods, cafés, shops, galleries, parks. if you left me a comment or emailed me with ideas that would be so good! thank you!

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charlotte said...

we have the same weather here and i'm doing exactly the same as you. clinging on to what has been a surprisingly good summer, weather-wise. i'm looking forward to making bottled plums this year.

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

oh lord. after years of complaining about it, i crave the english rain now. the heat and humidity in zagreb has been overbearing! coats and wearing my new brogues is what i am looking forward to, and walking just after rain on an early autumn evening...

p.s. that dessert is killing me and i don't even like cake! so pretty.

Aron said...

I lived in and loved Coogee beach. It was my favorite of the Sydney beaches! I hope I can back there with my wife one day!

jane said...

i just made an apple pie... or shouldn´t have i told you that...
p.s. hi girlfriend!

Mandy said...

OK I am your girl for Sydney and I might even have some Melbourne tips, I shall compile a list and email you. I wish you were coming too !!!
We are just about to go into spring here in Australia, must say I can't wait !!!

Malin said...

I have been working with a store called INCU (Sidney) and they just opened in Melbourne. The team behind these stores are the nicest and I can really recommend their taste. So if I had the chance to go over seas I would go there.

Ida Nielsen said...

The rain.... I KNOW what you mean....!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of my vacation that I have been looking forward to. When I get back, I'm looking forward to browsing through my camera am so excited =)

spudballoo said...

Oooh yes socks and a new scarf. I'm ALL DONE with Summer, bring on the A word.

Love your plum cake, lovely! x

P R I M O E Z A said...

i just put up a rather lengthy post on things to do in melb for you :)

Marion said...

Yes, yes, yes you are looking for socks and scarfs and everything !!!!

Cabrizette said...

I send you our sun Kristina !!! Bises

kristina said...

curling up in the sofa and doing some knitting and crocheting :-)

alexandria said...

Oh! Bill Evans...one of the best! I'm looking forward to making soup.

Anonymous said...

lovely photo ;)

Christine said...

Yes, I agree August in Berlin hasn't been very peculiar. I'm looking to long bike rides in the fresh Autumn air, lots of homemade soups and wearing boots.

Ulrika said...

Great picture this. You are so good with food shots, I find them sooo difficult.

I look forward to watching films with family/friends in the sofa, light candles and listen to the rain - all at once.
And clear skies, as clear as they come only in fall.
And finishing my granny square blanket!

schorlemädchen said...

Hello ich bin zwar erst nach Sydney gezogen aber hier ein paar Dinge, die ich bisher sehr mag.

Spaziergang durch den Botanischen Garten.
Dinner at Frattelli Fresh (Potts Point)
Spaziergang in Elizabeth Bay runter zum Meer..sehr klein aber fein...und tolle Art-Deko Häuser dort
Surry Hills:
Crown Street:
Café Kawa für tollen Kaffee und Leute schauen
Café 4ate5 für die besten Sandwiches
Cafè Bills bestes Bircher Müsli
Bourke Street Bakery für einen kleinen Snack in die lange Reihe einrehen
am ersten Samstag im Monat gibts hier auch einen tollen Flohmarkt
Café Gertrude&Alice halb Buchladen, halb Café
Sonntags gibts in Bondi einen Flohmarkt

Gertrude Street hoch-und runterlaufen und einfach in jedes Geschäft dort gehen : ) z.B: Third Drawer Down...
Dinner at Gils Diner oder Movida Next Door
Open Air Cinema

So, mehr fällt mir nicht ein : )