Tuesday, 10 August 2010

still summer in berlin

granted, there's a lot to do at the moment, so it doesn't exactly feel like being on holiday, but it's still summer in berlin. when i was cycling to the copy shop earlier to have some proofs scanned, it was all warm, and definitely t-shirt-without-the-cardigan-weather. i love it when the city is all mellow and quiet while everybody is away.

anyway, apart from work, there are plenty of things to be enjoyed these days, and plenty of things to look forward to.

last weekend i spent with the boyfriend. my favourite moment was a walk through the park in a light summer drizzle, taking lots of photos (first roll to be picked up tomorrow) and having a glass of wine at a café in a lake.

tomorrow, lovely marion is coming to berlin and will be staying for a week at a friend's place - it's going to be great!

then, we are having blog camp coming to berlin for the first time in september (find out more by going over to julie's blog camp blog). photo walks, talks and laughs aplenty, i'm sure. if you have time to spare give it a thought!

oh, and before i forget, there are summer drinks to enjoy. my favourite at the moment is aperol spritz, but i also love pimm's, a truly british drink, which we had with friends a while ago. we made it with pimm's, lemonade, fresh mint, cucumber slices, peaches, oranges and plenty of ice.

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B said...

Sounds nice! Of course it's been raining all day here!
I can't believe I'm missing BC Berlin! Maybe next time...

alexandria said...

I hope you have a good time and say hello to Marion for me!

Wende said...

Ah... blog camp sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your time bonding! :D

Marion said...

Gosh Pimm's in Berlin !
I won't never come back in Marseille !

See you very very very soon !