Wednesday, 11 August 2010

making plans

last summer, my friend j and i went to the venice biennial, stayed a few days and then went on to the south of france by night-train. the second part of our holiday was spent near arles, where we went to see the photography festival.

we are already making plans for next year's biennial, but we're still on the fence on whether to go for the opening week or later, when it's quieter. what would you do?

it was one of the most inspiring trips i've ever made. art, lots of art, so much sun, boats and water, a garden with a summer kitchen and a pool. markets overflowing with fresh fruit and greens, good wine, wonderful hosts at our b&b. next year is more likely to be a short trip to venice, but i still can't wait.

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P R I M O E Z A said...

i love your bag(?) with the black, white and chartreuse.

i think it would be nice to go for the buzz of the opening, but only if you can get somewhere nice to stay.
i'd love to go - very envious :)

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Is it Arles floor ?
Venise, when it would be without people ? of course not !!!

Annie B said...

I don't know if you remember me...we were working together at Phaidon for a while.
I just wanted to say I love your blog and photos and way of looking at things. It is really beautiful and inspiring. I am doing an MA in creative writing and your images are helping to get some ideas going in my head! xx p.s. ich wohne in Nürnberg seit 2005!

april said...

liebe kristina, pläne machen ist etwas vom schönsten finde ich. allerdings habe ich noch nie so weit im voraus geplant ;-) ich bin eher die chaotische reisende. leider sind dann aber auch meist meine bevorzugten orte ausgebucht. die biennale in venedig muss super sein. kunst und inspiration an einem so schönen verwunschenen ort. ich würde erst nach der eröffnungswoche gehen, weil es vielleicht ein bisschen ruhiger und vielleicht nicht ganz so viele leute hat wie zu beginn. liebe grüsse*

Ida Nielsen said...

I'd wait; crowded exhibitions, shop etc are just not my cup of tea.

I remember your trip: those overexposed beautiful pictures from Venice :-)

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi all!

i still haven't decided. i don't like crowds, really. but i thought that people-spotting with a friend might be fun... ;) we'll see!

primoeza: it's my friend's bag - so cool and very roomy. front and back are patterned, the sides are acid yellow/chartreuse. it shouldn't be too difficult to make something similar?

valéry: no, it's the floor in venice, inside one of the pavilions in the giardini. we had such a good time.

april: ach ja, pläne machen... das werde ich auskosten!

ida: thank you... yes, that was the trip when i really started discovering my praktica. so good.

anne: yes of course i remember! you were working with truda and nat, right? creative writing sounds super, i wish i could do that - or a photography degree... glad you like it here, and i loved hearing from you!

isabelle said...

I would love to visit this festival one day ... and this part of France is beautiful ... lucky you !!