Wednesday, 18 August 2010

rainy days

lately, it's been raining quite a lot. these photos were taken a while ago when spending the weekend with the boyfriend. rain. and so we couldn't hire a boat. but you know: maybe next time.

in the meantime, marion has been in berlin for a week, today she is heading back home. i will miss her company, the laughs, the walks and the dinners in the kitchen upstairs! bonne voyage et à la prochaine!

(the boats above can be rented in bremen, germany, at the emmasee in the city's buergerpark. there are many options for boat rentals in berlin. a fairly central - if busy and not the cheapest - is the boat rental at neuer see in tiergarten.)

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la ninja said...

hey you,
it's been chucking it down with rain here too. oh well, central europe, ei. don't you just love those green shades. wow.
blog friendship? coolio.

ibb said...

Lovely pictures...and it seems like rain was not there...so green, so calm, really nice.
Always is great to meet friends for dinner.

Marion said...

Oh Gosh, I am having a glass of white wine right now.
Would you like to come upstairs to have one too ?


inna said...

oh I'm jealous of all that green! here it's been incredibly warm summer and not much rain, so everything seems to be brown now instead of green. I'm missing all the green as the brown just reminds me of upcoming fall.

dinners, laughs and walks with a friend sound like lots of fun!:)

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi marion, coming right up!

Mandy said...

Oh my favorite photo girls together, what a great duo. That second pic is so divine !!!
We have had so much rain here in Australia too !!

likeschocolate said...

I love the photo with the boats. It reminded me of Tubingen where we went on our honeymoon.

P R I M O E Z A said...

wow, look at those boats! i love how they're all numbered.

Chelsea Shirley said...

beautiful colors in the second picture

Anonymous said...

The picture of the lake is lovely! Can't stop looking at it.

Malin said...

Hi Kristina,
Love the boat picture. Where is this? I would love to go!

And I really like the mood you have achieved in this blog!

Best wishes from the north,

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi everybody - thanks for stopping by!

malin: thank you so much. i've added some links about boat rentals to the post now. the boat rental at neuer see is quite busy but similar to the one in bremen, where i took my photo.

Googlover/keishua said...

your photos are wonderful. I love the feel of them.