Friday, 6 August 2010

savoury or sweet

when i'm stressed, i turn into a chocolate junkie. the bad thing about that is, the more i eat it, the more i crave it. then again, when i'm relaxed, have more time to cook or to just prepare some fresh food, i don't really miss it. so with me, i'm a sweet tooth, when i'm stressed and love savoury things when not.

summing up last week, let's just say: i ate a lot of chocolate. forecast for the weekend: savoury!

what about you? sweet tooth or not? and what's your ultimate sweet or savoury craving?

p.s.: i've been interviewed by julie of moments of perfect clarity. she is hosting an interview series this month - such a fun and interesting way to meet new people! go and take a look if you like.

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Elisabelle said...

my current obsession is strawberry tiramisu!

but usually i am not a sweet tooth...

i'll go read your interview!

Ralph Lam said...

I've been treating myself to a bar of chocolate each time I publish a blog post =)
But I always balance it with something salty afterwards though.

Ida Nielsen said...

Sweet tooth regrettably. I wish I wasn't!

Mandy said...

Oh I would have to say both ..... I love your interview, thanks for the introduction to another great blog too !!!

Marion said...

When I am stressed, cheesecake junkie !
I'm dying to have one at bonzana heroes !!! Will we go ?

Your interview is awesome, congrats !!

outi said...

when i´m stressed, i turn to everything sweet too. or when i´m just tired at work and i know i some how have to keep on going. and the sugar doesn´t really help, oh no..

have a relaxing weekend and enjoy of delicious food;)

P R I M O E Z A said...

sorry to hear you are so stressed! i hope it's good productive stress though. i think i'm the opposite, i don't eat when i'm stressed.

tiana said...

mmm, im not really an asparagus fan, but that cake looks incredible!

and im more of a salty craver

spudballoo said...

When I'm stressed my appetite disappears!

More of a savoury person generally. xx

Lisa-Marie said...

I found you blog via your interview with julie, and I'm glad I did! It's wonderful.

I eat chocolate when I'm stressed too.

Barb said...

Great interview with Julie! I'm a sweet-tooth. Have a great day.

ibb said...

When I am nervous...I tend not to eat. I can sleep, I can think...but I cannot eat. It is as my stomach turn closed and says "I have to think, think and think and have no time to eat".

Fine Little Day said...

Oh asparagus. These ones looks delicious :)!