Friday, 6 August 2010

eat. sleep. read.

now how's that for a motto? it may well be the path to world peace, if you ask me. (sorry about the fuzziness of the photo - could be i was laughing too hard when taking this or my friend moved a little. we were having coffee you see. i'm really jealous of her t-shirt.)

oh, and thank you so so much, all, for your kind and thoughtful comments recently - they always bring a smile to my face and they have seriously cheered me up. plus they gave me lots of ideas. so thank you for that! i'm always extra happy to hear from new readers (or those of you who have been silent readers so far). i love to hear from you, i really do.

by the way, i am aware of the fact some of you who read blogs but don't blog themselves may not comment because they are not comfortable with the idea of setting up an account. well, you know, you don't have to. if you'd like to comment occasionally, you can leave an 'anonymous' comment without having to register - in that case it would be wonderful if you sign with your first name, so i know who you are. (needless to say that i have to delete spam, but that's not we are talking about anyway, right?).

so, happy day, everyone!

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Ulrika said...

It IS a good motto for sure! :)

Ralph Lam said...

Eat Sleep Read.
Hmm.. Sounds fattening. LOL!

la ninja said...

I love it too. had already spotted it on another previous post and thought I'd have to make myself a similar one :)