Saturday, 7 April 2012

what an entrance


the japanese cherries at the end of the street.

some wild garlic (ramps, or ramson) is sitting on my kitchen counter. looking for ways to cook it, or use it raw. ideas so far: wild garlic pesto or risotto, wild garlic butter. possibly in a vinaigrette, to dress green asparagus with. what do you use it for?

it's madly snowing out there as i type. we also had some rain, some sun and quite a bit of hail today. what an entrance, april.

happy easter!
happy passover!


Ilmarie said...

I just got a bunch of wild garlic at the farmers' market today and will try this recipe:

Usually I mix the minced leaves with curd to dip some fresh bread in it :)

Anne said...

happy easter!

Marion said...

love the last shot !

Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful photos!

In Scotland, we had temps of 23celcius last week - very high for Scotland in March. This week, they dropped to below freezing and it snowed. The saying is 'In like a lion' though. :)

Do you eat pasta? Saute the garlic in oil with a few mustard seeds, and mix through pasta. You could add a little lemon juice too.

alexandria said...

These are really beautiful and you inspired me to get out and shoot some blossoms this past weekend.

penelope said...

spring has sprung!

kristi said...

that shot is simply lovely!
you can make a nice pesto out of wild garlic. just use an immersion blender to blend it with some chopped hazelnuts, olive oil, sea salt & pepper and parmesan or sprinz cheese. you can easily keep the pesto for a week or so.

Valerie - nettleandquince said...

Andrea Gentl has lots of great ideas for ramps on her beautiful blog http://www.hungryghostfoodandtravel.com/

Also, I made www.food52.com 's wild ramp pesto to toss a potato salad for Easter. I would suggest blanching the ramps rather than leaving them raw, and slightly reducing the ratio of walnuts and parmiggiano if you like the pesto to be light and very green...

Happy week, Kristina!

Lollipop said...

this is so beautoful, Kristina!

la ninja said...

hello spring!

alessandra said...

Pure beauty!

Ana said...

Simply beautiful. Have a nice weekend!

kitchu said...

April comes to you moody, yes? All kinds of personality! These photos are lovely.

jane said...

these are so beautiful. still waiting for spring here too. :)

inna karenina said...

for some reason your blog had disappeared from my google reader and I hadn't visited here for such a long time. now that I found my way back here, I am making sure to visit here more regularly - your photos are such an inspiration! so very beautiful, especially that last shot! :)

Sonja Lazukic said...

These photo are lovely. You have a nice blog :)