Wednesday, 4 April 2012

more walks


some more from the walks by the sea.


alexandria said...

I so wish to be inside these photos. So splendid, Kristina!

Rhianne said...

these are beautiful, it looks so peaceful

Pascale said...

Where is that ?
( i thought i already asked the question ...)
??? !!!

kristina - no penny for them said...

hey pascale, these are salt marshes by the north sea (close to cuxhaven, where my parents live). that landscape is quite rare up there, most of it is green meadows and grass-covered dikes right up to the sea, and then of course there are some sandy beaches. nothing, however, like the southern seas.

i love that one can't really tell where this is. when i saw the pictures i thought this could also be a tundra landscape in some far-away northern country.

kitchu said...

god i want to disappear into these... just walk straight in and disappear. gorgeous. really gorgeous.