Thursday 12 April 2012

special day


my niece on her birthday last year.

i'm swamped with work, so it will be a bit quieter hereabouts.

p.s.: i haven't miraculously acquired a medium format camera. these are simply cropped.


Unknown said...

Don´t work too much ok? It is not good...or at least take a time to enjoy...
I am too an april girl.

kitchu said...

adorable photo this first one, it brought such a smile to my face!

Valéry Lorenzo said...

...and what kind of medium format camera did you acquire ? (I'm curious) ... :-)

Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

I just found your blog over pinterest (http://pinterest.com/annelouise/photography/) and am so happy about it.
I am looking forward to see more of your photography. until then I can go through the old pages :)