Tuesday, 20 December 2011

good things

miss read 2011
miss read 2011
miss read 2011
miss read 2011

a visit to the indie art book fair "miss read" at KW berlin (institute for contemporary art) was one of the most inspiring things recently. so much goodness! two things i liked very much: hard copy, an initiative by the geneva university of art and design, and the motto bookshop in berlin.

later today, i will meet renée who is town for a brief visit. so looking forward!

and, you know what, today might just be the day i'm treating myself to a roll of fuji provia 400.

happy tuesday!


Anonymous said...

wowow, i'm so jealous!
i've never tried that roll. enjoy it :)

Marion said...

Hope you had a lovely time with Renée :)

anna said...

i love your photographs. happy to discover your blog today!