Wednesday, 14 December 2011

dear santa


dear santa, could i have a medium format camera please. if asking for a hasselblad is too presumptuous, perhaps a zenza bronica; in any case, a single lens reflex would be ace. i have a feeling though you might send me a letter saying 'why don't you get one yourself, girl'. i will consider it. overall it seems that i have been a so-so girl this year, and while i understand this might result in some sanctions, i would appreciate if those affected the material side of things only. i'm planning on having good times with friends, involving an impressive tree and plenty of cooking. which, come to think of it, i'd rather have than a medium format camera.


p.s.: a little time travel back to france. but i digress. what's on your wishlist?
p.p.s.: perhaps the irony of my above statement wasn't blatant enough. i most definitely don't expect a medium format camera from santa, we are not in the habit of passing around big presents, it's more about small gestures. but i'm saving up so i can buy one, next year perhaps. ;)


geneviève bjargardóttir said...

there is a hasselblad on my wishlist too! and i think i might just have been good enough this year to get it... here's to hoping, for both of us! :)

jane said...

:). i think we are all wishing for the same thing.

Marion said...

A blad is on everyone's list :)

Valéry Lorenzo said...

When you will have your medium format camera, do not forget the light meter. (very usefull with a hasselblad, or Rollei or Bronica or...)
Believe me Kristina, the first thing which take images is : heart.
In any case a camera even with a very strong will, does not take photographs without your intervention.
What I see in your first photograph :
A lamp off in broad daylight and geometry of reflection of sunlight.
Another sign of light from the outside, clouds and
grains, like this :

Pascale said...

Always ask... who knows...

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Cute! I hope Santa will grant you your wish ;-)