Sunday, 11 December 2011



back in early november, after the first frost. it was the last day at the garden. many communal gardeners had long stopped coming, and it seemed as if the vast field was eagerly claiming back its ground after the last romantic urban part-time agrarophiles had finally gone home.

happy second of advent (if you are celebrating). this year, i'm lighting candles on a branch found in the woods. i have some, if by far not all christmas presents, but today shall be as quiet as can be. back into the frenzy of work to be completed, and things to be thought of tomorrow.


annton said...

with your eyes even the mess of a left field looks poetic! happy third Advent.

Lollipop said...

oh,... lovely....

jana said...

Bis jetzt ist die Adventszeit vorbeigezogen während ich andere Sachen gemacht habe. Nicht so einfach, hier an einen Tannenzweig zu kommen. Always loving your garden photos. And I still owe you that pizza recipe...liebe Grüsse!

Anonymous said...

oh, love it!

anna said...

that 2nd image is just so lovely!