Saturday, 30 October 2010

questions, answers, comments

nordic bakery

dear readers (known and unknown), this is just to say thank you for your questions, answers and comments. this little conversation we have going here means a lot.

a big thank you to kristina in sweden and all the others for explaining how to customise the html for flickr photos to the size i need. you are the best! - oh, if you want to know how to get bigger pictures on your blog, take a look at the comments to this post. it may sound a little daunting, but isn't really. just a little extra step, plus your images are linked to flickr, which i think is an extra benefit.

yet more thank you's here (not mine, this time), they will make you smile, i promise (and thank you, la ninja, for pointing me to it!).

picture taken at the nordic bakery in spring. it's been kind of too long since i've been to london.

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la ninja said...

oh. that's all right. sharing is the word, kristina.

I've also found many a cool link/blog through you so thank you too :)

Lollipop said...

I do it for mounths...
but thanks.

outi said...

i´ve been thinking of how to make my blog photos a little big better for some time. but i must say i still didn´t get it, eh;)
so, one has to move the size in flickr or picasa, and after that remove to the blog..or how does it work..?

oh man. or maybe i´m just wrong kind of nerd for that kind of stuff;)

any way, wanted to say hello to you and wish you a good start for the new week!

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

ohhh the nordic bakery!! that lovely little place is indirectly how i came to meet my now-husband - believe it or not :)

thank you for reminding me of it this evening - now i [almost] have the sugar-sweet taste of their tosca cake on my tongue... mmm <3

sandra said...

nordic bakery is such a nice place! thank you so much for all the tips and for keeping your eyes and ears open. i'm so supergrateful for any help we can get :) hope to see you in berlin soon!

Pascale said...

Thank you for this link... Great...

Robert said...

hey Kristina, just discovered your beautiful blog and totally loving your pictures. Inspirational. Thank you. Have added you to the blog list on my blog. x