Friday, 15 October 2010

baby, you can drive my car

sometimes i wish i could just get into the car and drive away. preferably a vintage car that isn't prone to mechanical hiccups. or, of course, i could get some mechanical training before, so i could just fix it all in a whizz.

p.s.: i really could do with some new music to cheer me up, i think i may have a little bout of autumn glumness. i have a very eclectic taste - bach and wechsel garland, du chanson francais or indie, i like them all, you get the picture. would you leave me a link or music recommendations in the comments? you are the best!

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Marion said...

A convertible ! With a scarf wrapped around your head, those big sunglasses and red lipstick !!!!

MANDY said...

Oh I agree with Marion .... but really I would rather live inner-city and not have a car at all (maybe one day) !!!

Sammi said...

but of course getting around on a bike is awesome too!

christine said...

:)... Love your pictures...

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Yes, I'm gonna be a star...la-la-la :-D

kristina - no penny for them said...

'ello everybody, thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

i actually do all my getting-around by (vintage, very vintage) bike. my (t)rusty friend. just sometimes i wish i could just drive away, far away from it all... it's probably a rain-induced blues.

l i s e said...

love your photos and here is a link of a girl i love scout niblett : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZO0ZzC73dI
hope it'll cheer you up!
happy musical week end

l i s e said...

you can also go for
lauren hoffman : http://www.myspace.com/laurenhoffman3
lisa hannigan
nouvelle vague
... etc

Lisa-Marie said...

That car is frickin amazing. I think we all have ' i want to go away' moments.

I suggest
Gaslight Anthem
Melody Gardot
Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun

la ninja said...


rain-induced bleh here too.

right, I've been obsessed by florence & the machine forever.

but, should you want something light, cheerie and old-fashioned (feel good) try she & him with zooey deschanel.

for the melancholic days, isobel campbell & mark lanegan.

however... if what you really want is to let out a proper belly laugh (listen to the lyrics carefully but not in compromising company) go for steel panther. be warned.

jana said...

totally belle and sebastian at the moment, i'm listening to their new album over and over again. so gooooooooood.
i like the national too, for those dark autumn days, yo la tengo, andrew bird....

Anonymous said...

I love this car !!! Have a trip with this car must be funny ! Have a great week-end ;)
Idea for music...This evening I'm going to a concert of Arno. Do you know this belgian singer ?

Anonymous said...

oh well the new Sufjan Stevens album is AMAZING, also Here We go Magic...The Villagers...

malo said...

I love the midnight blue in your latest photos. That's kind of my color. Lately I've been listening to:
Säkert: Facit (in swedish)
Jenny Lewis (both solo and with johnny and rilo kliey)
and Lykke Li has a fantastic song coming up 'Get Some'