Sunday, 11 July 2010

seven things (volume II)

lovely mandy of 16 house very kindly passed a blog award to me, and tagged me to tell you seven things about myself. thank you mandy for including me, it's an honour.

well now, hope you're not too bored to read this, given that i already revealed seven things about myself back in february.

1. i'm the eldest child to my parents, who had been told they might not be able to have children. longed for and loved from day one. i think a start into life like that is a precious gift and certainly has defined me.

2. i'm very close to working out the perfect recipe for summer antipasti, thanks to nigel slater. going through a lot of courgettes... (by the way, i loved all your carrot recipe suggestions the other day and have started trying them out!)

3. i have a crush on vinho verde.

4. i love cul-de-sacs.

5. i'm dreaming of a serious movie library.

6. i love city summers. even though it's hot, hot, hot in berlin. 38°C degrees today. my neighbours spent the late afternoon hours splashing themselves with water from buckets and watering cans, wearing shorts, bikinis or nothing but a dayglow orange swim vest (that would be the under fiver-year-olds, in case you wonder).

7. i was invited to a bengali wedding yesterday - like all female guests, i got a bindi. everybody was showered with rose petals, witnessed the traditional wedding ceremony and was served lovely food. and i saw my uncle dance to bollywood beats.

if you like, do play along. and don't forget to let us know in the comments where we can find your seven things!

have a lovely summer's night.

p.s.: i thought i had an inkling what you like around here. but you never cease to surprise me. you know, i wasn't sure at all about the photos in my last post. and then i got all your lovely comments. thank you so much!

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Veja cecilia said...

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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Kaylovesvintage said...

nice to know

enjoy your summer

l i s e said...

i like very much the picture of your parents and you, love the way they look at you.
have a great week

Lollipop said...

vinho verde! Muito bem ;-)

MANDY said...

Well, glad to hear you have already received one of these awards, well done you ... that photo of your parents is so great,you really can see the love in that photograph. XXX