Tuesday, 6 July 2010

eat your greens

do carrots really count as greens? not sure about that one - or do they?

anyway, i have been hesitating about this post. after all, there are countless wonderful blogs and resources about food out there, and i'm not intending to even try. so this is not an attempt at food blogging. more like a shortage of new photos (a new roll going to the lab today), and the idea to share one of my favourite summer snacks with you. it's not even a proper recipe. more likely what you all do when making a carrot salad. so do forgive me.

clean or peel a handful of new carrots and grate them (i like them coarsely grated)
add the juice of 1/2 to 1 whole lemon - entirely up to your taste
add salt, freshly ground pepper, some honey and some olive oil
mix and let rest for a short while
taste and add seasoning, lemon juice or oil if needed
serve with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and pine nuts

i had mine for lunch with some fresh pain of lait and apricots for afters.

p.s.: apart from the usual suspects, currently my favourite food reads are nikole's new saturday sandwich series, the gourmet traveller website and, offline, nigel slater's tender, a gift from a friend - and what a perfect book!

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nath said...

yum. we make something similar, but very often we add grated raw beetroot too. you can add a little raw garlic and toasted cumin, that's super-nice with dhal! or it's good with grated apple, chopped walnuts and a spoonful of mayonnaise let down with some lemon juice. i am quite hungry now!

Anonymous said...

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Sharni said...

That looks yummy and I actually have all those ingredients in my house so I will make this for lunch tomorrow :) Cheers buddy!

Hannah Sadie said...

Mmmm that looks so good! I've always loved carrots the most out of my "greens".

malo said...

Sounds delicious! I will definitely try it.

I have another great recipe for carrots. New carrots cut to 2-3 cm pieces. Boil until tender. Squeeze a lime fruit over the hot carrots and add lots of cummin and some sea salt. With grilled Haloumi and a yogurt sauce.

Marion said...

miam !

tiana said...

yuum i love these photos
and i think greens refers to vegetables in general, so yes i believe strangely enough, carrots may just be greens