Saturday 7 November 2009

oh weekend

i so, so need this weekend. and the sun is out, spot-lighting some of the very few leaves still left on the tree outside my window, what a good morning. last weekend i had visitors: my sister and her family were here. my nieces loved looking out the window too, as you can see. if that's no proof we're related, i don't know... we also went for a ferry trip to kladow and a walk at the wannsee, which is where we saw those lovely autumn leaves.

apart from all this, i really enjoyed my photo classes last week. already learned a lot. we have a very open theme which should be guiding us when taking photos for the course these next few weeks. 'me, my friends, my flat, my neighbourhood' we can pick one aspect and interpret it or do a combination. haven't decided yet which angle to take. maybe i could do a portrait series (portraits scare me, so that would be a bit of a challenge) or a series about my flat (that would be staying in my comfort zone i guess). hm. we're going to work with black and white film. honestly, i have no idea how it will turn out.

and finally: today might be the day i buy a DSLR. after long to-ing and fro-ing it looks as if i'm going for the nikon D3000. a D90 is simply without my reach at the moment. it's a first step.

and no - of course i won't stop using my analog cameras, i love them far to much!

have a wonderful weekend.


Karin van Dam said...

Oh how exciting to get a new camera! I just got a new DSLR, the canon eos 1000d and I love it. I hope you'll get a wonderful camera and I look forward to the (no doubt) gorgeous pictures you'll take!

Francesca said...

Did you get your new camera? It took me a long time to warm up to a DSLR, but then there was no going back for me! I like the theme of your photography course, your world.

outi said...

hello there! your blog is full of beautiful photos, again..
i miss the sun, has been a while when i saw it here in Helsinki.. but good to see it in these photos too:)
have a nice week!

Marion said...

time with family is always great !
hope you had a great time this week end

alexandria said...

Awesome photographs today! I'm excited for you with your class and assignment. I hope you share what you come up with. I find black and white film to be quite beautiful. I'm sure you'll find just the perfect way to use it.

Kaylovesvintage said...

sounds like a good weekend to me...
love to see photos from your photo

Anonymous said...

It's a rely good choice Kristina !! Now, I'll waiting for your photos with your new nikon. Have a great week !

máni said...

the pictures look like paintings! :)

lea said...

simply beautiful autumn photos. really like the last photo of your nieces as well! how exiting that you have decided on a digital SLR camera! looking forward to see the photos.