Tuesday 3 November 2009

camera question

being a bit absent here - so much work! i have a wee little question for you though: still thinking about that DSLR i'm going to buy. i'm tending towards nikon. the usual forums feature very different opinions on whether to go for a new model D3000 or D5000 or rather go for a used but new-ish D80 or even D200. i've read a bit about the technical differences but still can't make up my mind. what would you say? (personal experience, gut feeling, what you've heard - i'm taking all votes... ;)) many thanks!


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

oh dear, i was thinking for ages about nikon vs. canon, which models etc. it really is confusing and it was hard to decide. finally D surprised me with a nikon d60 he bought in nyc. the settled the case and saved me from making up my mind. but i am really happy about it.

good luck deciding :)

jane said...

hey kristina! god i love coming here. i´ve missed your photos- and i´m bummed i missed your give-away- next time! hope all is well! besos!
p.s. have you thought about a pentax?... (the only problem with a pentax is that it doesn´t have a huge lens selection- but the ones that they do make are superb-- just got the k7 and i love it! don´t want to confuse you more- but i like it better than the canon and the nikon. :)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Are you able to go into a shop and hold both, actually play around with each for a bit? Your comfort with the technology is what will allow your best creativity. My feeling is that the camera should almost become invisible. Best of luck!

julochka said...

i'd recommend a D90 over the D5000, both can do video and the D90 is a lot more camera, tho' it doesn't have the moveable focus point that the D300 has. i don't know much about the D200, but perhaps you can pick up a used one for a good price. there are good deals on D90 packages around and i think it would be a better long-term investment.

i have a D60 that i love tho', and a D300, which is heaven. i tend to keep the macro lens on the D300 and the 18-200mm on the D60. the D60 has a better color chip in it, so my photos that really rock the color are all taken with it.

not sure that helped. :-)

Anonymous said...

... my husband have a D90 and he is very pleased !!! I just recommand you to go on this webside to compare the quality of the image (test)

It will depend of what you want... I choose mine with this help !!!
Courage Kristina !! your choice will be the best.

Francesca said...

This is too technical for me, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I use the NIKON D60. I think it's great!!

asphalt and air said...

i've had my Nikon D90 for about a year now. it's an excellent camera. not too large and easy to use. the photo quality is excellent.
i've been told the the professional models are only worth getting if you can afford a lens that costs nearly as much as the camera body! YIKES?! who wants to carry around thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment?!
a D90 is a solid choice. i couldn't imagine life without mine.

Fabian said...

Following Ken Rockwell's advice, there are three models that stand out: D40, D90 and D700.

I own a D40, it is very light and small and very cheap.

D90 is much newer and brings significant advances over a D40.

D700 is one of the best cameras in the world, e.g. having ISO 6400 without signifcant noise.

See also my posting:

- Fabian

isabelle said...

i am all for canon: i love mine canon eos 40d. the 7d became quite cheaper though.
my lens is great: 50 mm/1.4

i have never tried nikon thought.