Monday, 24 January 2011


konk, berlin
konk, berlin

rushing around, so here's just a quick teaser: shortly presenting konk, a wonderful boutique, in my little 'revisited' series on mostly berlin. stay tuned!

p.s.: oh those wooden mobiles! lots of them were floating just under the ceiling. i so want one.


Marion said...

Oh ! Where is that ? Will you bring me there next time ?
I love the tones in these, vr plus 400 rocks !

MANDY said...

I love that mobile ... so sweet. looking forward to seeing more !!!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i love the little necklaces, and the picture of them of course!

suzie said...

can't wait to see more, that mobile looks brilliant!

máni said...

cool, i'm looking forward to see and read more. i interviewed the owner of konk some years ago, when she had just opened, for a business start up project at school.

la ninja said...

coolio. can't wait for the proper post.
how are we doing holding our ground against january? I'm doing better. the sun is out and the cold under control... and about bloody time it was ;)