Saturday, 22 January 2011


winter days at home
winter days at home

i think i'm cherishing my saturday mornings more than ever. having a little while to sit down, to think and write and maybe read a little before the day catches up with me. and to have a sitting-down breakfast for once. today's was:

coffee and a simple bircher muesli
coarsely grate an apple into a bowl, add some oats and a little boiling water. sprinkle with a little brown sugar and stir well. add a little liquid cream and some cinnamon, stir again. if you like, add some toasted nuts on top. done in less than five minutes.

also enjoyed this morning:
kate's windows down mix
the trailer for documentary film food stamped - is it possible to eat healthy on a food stamp diet?
(take a look, these guys are at sundance at the moment and hoping to get a distribution deal. if you do that kind of thing, you might consider following them on facebook (via their website), which could help them get the film into theatres. oh, and spread the word!)

happy weekend!


Elisabelle said...

Oh I love Saturday mornings too!
I am still in my pj's and about to prepare a brunch.
happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's my favourite too, waking up early, early and have a couple of hours to myself before the day starts...
Mornings are important!
(I'll check out your links now).
Enjoy your mornings, and evenings, through the weekend!

jane said...

i would so love to be at sundance right now. hope your sunday is just as nice:)

montmarte said...

your b+w photos are stunning, kristina! happy weekend to you!

Marion said...

thanks for that recipe. i'll try it today.
I love these pictures above. I know the sofa is blue but I love it that way...

fen and ned said...

What a beautiful sofa! I always love the atmosphere you create in your images.
Great trailer, I really hope they get a distribution deal x

jana said...

mmmh, i love bircher müsli.
and your sofa.
schönen sonntag!

MANDY said...

Wow that film looks really interesting .... and bircher musli, I love it !!!

la ninja said...

please tell me how you manage. I'm rubbish at discipline and organising my time. it kind of ends up all being "me time" if I so start my day...

(p.s. forgot to mention I'm coming shortly (in a minivan) to nick that couch from you. I'm seriously smitten with it.)

kristina - no penny for them said...

hey son - you try that, it's bloody heavy... ;)

and: discipline kicks as soon as i think 'no work, no dosh, no food... oh no!'

Lollipop said...

lovely shots, lovely saturday

la ninja said...

ha, don't put me to the test!


oh, okay, fair enough. no need for apocalyiptic thoughts then, just basic needs covered.
I'll try that approach. ta ;)

jenna said...

that last one is just so soft - it's lovely. have a wonderful new week, kristina! thanks also for that documentary link - it looks interesting.

Sammi said...

yum yum sounds delicious

Ulrika said...

Super nice photos these Kristina.
Black & white, grainy and a beautiful interior -> me like :)