Tuesday, 18 January 2011

on finding inspiration I


leave your familiar routes and take an unknown sidestreet.
you may find a branch of blossoms.

(thank you mary for your advice of trying to shoot with another film and another camera!)

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Anne said...

Pretty words, pretty photo!

Marion said...

the text and the picture are so beautiful !

shipbuilding said...

i think you're definitely finding inspiration...even if you don't yet feel it.

ibb said...

I used to do...but don´t find those treasures...and about changing camera and film...I try my experiments with my last lomo for christmas...

la ninja said...

on wishing you the best on finding it I

laméditerraine said...

That's a beautiful photo!
I think there is inspiration everywhere, but we need to have the mood to find it.
Sometimes I want it to come, and put me under pressure to get it, but it rarely comes then.
Some other times I'm just standing somewhere with nothing on my hand to draw or photograph, or even bend, you know, like paper, and I feel a bit of desperation.
And the other times...it's wonderful. It's fate maybe, I don't know. I have a pen in my hand, or my hand on the piano, or my camera in the right moment. And it just comes. And I leave everything to focus on it.
I love that, I think inspiration is very necessary. If not, I don't know how we could create, even when we look inside of us, we are inspiring ourselves.

Big kisses :)

alexandria said...

These are just the words I needed to read. Thank you, Kristina.

jana said...

sounds good :)

MANDY said...

Just lovely, words and photograph XXX

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Wow! What a nice photo!

Elisabelle said...

that's a lovely photo!
i love the reflection. it almost look like a double exposure.