Thursday, 20 January 2011

on finding inspiration II

paper flower
paper flower

be patient.
(this might be the hardest part.)

p.s.: my friend eva made these paper flowers for me. they are real drama queens and yet quite subtle with that white silk paper.


Victoria said...

So delicate and very pretty. Lucky you.

la ninja said...

they are gorgeous. I wondered whether you had made them yourself.

handy having such creative friends. what do they do about inspiration in january? have you asked them?

la casita said...

oh they are so beautiful, how lucky you are to have such friend!
: )

lamediterrània said...

they look so delicate!
I have some papaer flowers in my bedroom that my sisters did for me and I love they way they look. They make such a beautiful and soft composition.
big kisses, I love your inspiration posts!