Friday, 14 January 2011

how to catch that rare beast

lago maggiore, early 1960s
lago maggiore, early 1960s

these photographs were taken by my mum in the early 1960s, when she was spending her holiday on the lago maggiore, northern italy. she took such wonderful pictures with her simple little agfa camera. and, judging by the second photo, which a friend must have taken, she had the perfect time. coffee on the terrace, with perlagoniums and a view anyone?

i myself, meanwhile, am feeling truly uninspired. i haven't shot film in weeks. i miss it terribly, but the light is bad. very bad. so how can i catch that rare beast: inspiration?

p.s.: we could start a whole discussion about the notion of inspiration here, i suppose. do we need inspiration, or do we overrate it? is being creative 90% commitment to just doing things, i.e. 'work', rather than something almost magical and therefore elusive? -- and: is pressure counter-productive?

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Ida Nielsen said...

Inspiration right here. Enjoy :-)

la casita said...

oh and look at this as well:

but most of all don't think about it...it will come.
have a relaxing WE.

Pascale said...

Inspiration is, I think, a spirit view... Inspiration is here, always, just try to see it.
Maybe we're expecting too much from "her" !!!

Elisabelle said...

oh, yes!! she looks so happy!!
some inspiration

Marion said...

Inspiration comes and goes but always comes back, you know it.
the first picture your mum took is marvellous. Next week, I'll put some b&w in Georges and I'll go by the sea...
Bisous my dear.

julochka said...

i've found myself turning to tumblr for inspiration the past few days. but i think your lack of it is probably totally related to the bleak, grey days outside...i felt so much better last month, when the world was covered with snow. these temperatures just above freezing have turned the world so bleak and grey (not to mention muddy where i live).

it sounds to me like what you need is a film swap (and me with a nearly-finished roll of fuji sensia 200 in my canon AE-1)....maybe an interaction with someone else's creativity would be just the trick?

if so, send me your address!

Lisa-Marie said...

your mum looks ever so happy! and what a beautiful shot that first one is.

Can i suggest doing something else creative? For me, I find if I'm in a rut with one thing, focussing on another often helps my mojo come back.

Mary said...

maybe put a film you've not shot with before in one of your cameras you've not used in awhile :)

i find these days that inspiration comes from mixing things up abit.

fen and ned said...

I'm guessing that these constant grey days are stopping your motivation rather than inspiration. We can see all the inspiration in the world but only people like you have the talent to create something beautiful from it! Luckily your talent will always be safe and sound x
Lovely pictures by the way!:)
Sarah xxx

MANDY said...

I think we all have times like that and then suddenly something happens and wham .... sometimes it can be the most minute thing .... your mums shots are great !!!

Sammi said...

hi kristina, i know what you mean. i have a new camera, because i broke my last one oops, which i don't like very much because its AA battery operated. so i don't like relying on it... plus all the white makes for horrendous pictures and if its not white its grey, and i don't want to be reminded of grey...... i know my new years resolution is already a total failure.

Elias said...

I love the first photo. I know what you mean about the lack of light messing up your inspiration, I'm on the same boat!

shipbuilding said...

...beautiful photos!

I find pressure totally counter-productive while I'm trying to get started on something, especially if I'm not feeling inspired, it just makes it seem worse.

And yes, I do believe commitment (and discipline) is a huge part of keeping creativity flowing but if nothing else is working, bake something, fold some paper, go for a walk, watch a film, read a book...just do something for yourself so at least you may feel happy, if not inspired.

la ninja said...

well, these last few days (apart from being poorly) I haven't even had the inspiration to make a shopping list, mate.
terribly grey and bleh here too. bring back the winter and take away this autumn lark.

however, I "do" like fen and ned's comment. I had never looked at it that way before, but I totally agree.
"greyness killed the motivation star." indeed.
very reassuring to know inspiration is lurking somewhere below the surface and will always be there. yay!

on the brighter side, spring is around the corner. it is.
a local tv programme really made me laugh. they have a spring countdown going on. 65 days to go! it made me really chuckle to read I'm not the only one :)

Kaylovesvintage said...

I feel the same but I''m also homesick..but I love your mums photos very pretty

Brad Fallon said...

Beautiful pictures! Your mum looks so happy! Your mums shots are the best!

Anonymous said...

oh I love the photos!!
and I know exactly where the second picture is taken, i spent my summer at the lago maggiore and i recognize the piles in the water.that's funny!
she looks quite happy