Sunday, 9 January 2011

those were the days

those were the days
when we were young

just look at them. my mum and dad, back in the sixties. they look so cool, and so happy. and then my brother and i came along (that's me on the right, i was wearing my hair very short those days). looking at these family pictures made me smile this morning and so i thought i might share them.

last week was very busy, the weekend still is. a highlight was trading a bread with malin elmlid - her bread is the most delicious sourdough i've ever tasted. it was a close call, as i was running late because of the still icy bike paths. luckily malin waited for me even though she was in a real rush. thank you! (read more about malin's bread exchange here.) ++ since mandy mentioned it, here's the link to freunde von freunden, featuring malin's home. it will get you into a right summer mood, i promise! ++

happy sunday and a good start to your week!

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Ida Nielsen said...

Awesome pictures! I love your moms dress - so sixties, so cool!

fen and ned said...

They do look very happy indeed, lovely photos. Cute the way your brother is looking at you and your father looks so proud of his daughter. I see that you are pointing at the camera, your interest in them started very early!:)
Sarah x

MANDY said...

Old photos are the best ... and your mum is so beautiful.

I read about Malin's bread exchange, such a great idea, I also loved her home in Freunde von Freunden, so great you could be a part of it !!!

kristina said...

you look a lot like your mother! oh, and little baby you - so cute :-)

JOHANNA said...

I looove old pics, these are wonderful!!

Sammi said...

Wow, Kristina you look so like your Mum!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Looking back at family photographs is such a beautiful way to spend time. I treasure all I have in my possession. These photographs of your family are wonderful. Your parents looks so happy and carefree. Love your dad with the pipe!

P R I M O E Z A said...

beautiful old photos like these are such a treasure.

la ninja said...

those were the days indeed.
cool pics and style.

off to read about bread swapping :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

kristina, i've just found your blog and it's so lovely! your photography is awesome. these photos of your parents must be total treasures.

going to continue looking around. ♥

Malin said...

Hi Lady! It was way too long ago. Let me know if you like me to bake for you again!
All the best,