Thursday, 8 March 2012



see how the light dances?

yesterday, i finally went to the dentist (after four years, if not longer). a major panic inducer from childhood onwards. happily, it wasn't as bad as i feared. then i headed to the galeries lafayette (yes, we've got them in berlin, so lucky), and bought a very posh chocolate spread with even posher nuts for an obscene amount of money (well, relatively speaking).


Birdie said...

Beautiful little lights :) (The dentist... brrr!)

Marion said...

I miss that disco ball K. I found one on a flea market here but it was rather small and I'd love to find a big one ! Good for the chocolate and the obscene amount of money, you know it's good to do it from time to time.

julochka said...

now i want a disco ball!! and some chocolate. but funnily enough, i don't want to go to the dentist. ;-)

P R I M O E Z A said...

love, love these images.

jana said...

These are wonderful Kristina!
(and dentist...i have to go there too. brrr)

MANDY said...

Oh yes, it's always such a relief when you get that dentist visit over and things are not as bad as you think ..... Kristina, I loooove these shots so much !!!

la ninja said...

way to go, choccie spread after dentist, ha ha ha!
even disco ball feels poetic about spring being on its way. hooray.

Tanya Jane said...

What a sweet disco ball / now an essential household item for when winter strikes over here and we need to fight the gloominess- thanks! x