Tuesday, 31 January 2012

something blue

// //
i used to be a kodak girl
then my local shop stopped stocking kodak
now a legend is saying good-bye
i'm starting to love the soft hues of fuji 400
scanning mistakes can be intriguing
it's freezing cold (minus ten last night)
i'm random, due to loads of work
i'm happy to say
pascale is the lucky winner of my give-away
happy tuesday.


Unknown said...

Yes, I also have just discovered fuji 400 (superia that is) after only ever shooting with faster films and I really like it's softness and coolness. Perfect for winter. I've always found kodak's consumer films too yellow and lacking detail. Still LOVE ektar and portra though! ^^

Marion said...

Such a pretty post !
Loved your words & hooray for P ! I'll go down to Marseille just to have coffee :)

Pascale said...

Pascale, is it me ???
Thaaaaaaaaannnk you sooooooooo much...

Birdie said...


Mary said...

lovely tones in the first photo.
-10!! brrrr!!
it's about 2 here and i'm really feeling it after the kiwi summertime :)

penelope said...

MINUS TEN?! eeek! that's cold!

MANDY said...

Beautiful shots Kristina ... so loving the sofa XXX

Ana said...

Randomness is nice. Happy February Kristina :)

Theresa said...

I was also a Kodak girl. In fact my home town is the home of Kodak. Sad they are shutting down.

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

'I'm random' - what a lovely quote. I hope you'll have a sweet love affair with fuji :-)