Wednesday, 5 October 2011

a special day

kolor berlin
kolor berlin
kolor berlin

i'm sharing my birthday with one of my nieces, so early october, for the past few years, has always brought visits from them and a joint little celebration. i remember the year when she turned one, and we had japanese green tea and patisserie at a little place near my house, she was holding on to the benches, trying to make her first steps. this year, she turned six. and started off her birthday with a night at the emergency room, coming down with pneumonia. she found it very exciting, and while the adults were seriously worried, she chatted away. in the morning, after medication was bought at the pharmacy, we had breakfast with a cake with pink icing (a dash of cherry juice will do that, magic effect!). phew.

so here's to a new year full of goodness.

p.s.: wow, you threw me - in the best possible way - with all your comments on my last post. seems like you like the idea. i seriously hope i'll manage to live up to the expectation! i've got my work cut out... looking forward to it!

images are a little sneak preview for a post coming up on my berlin blog shortly.


annton said...

Happy belated Birthday, from Neukölln!

Caro said...

Happy birthday, alles Gute! :)

KERRY said...

A very Happy Birthday to You :) I hope you had a super time.

jana said...

Alles alles Gute liebe Kristina! i hope you had a wonderful day. it sounds great to share your birthday with a loved little one.

maria said...

Alles Liebe und Gute dir liebe Kristina und deiner kleinen Nichte..ein tolles neues Jahr..

P R I M O E Z A said...

happy birthday kristina :)
great pics, look forward to seeing more.

fen and ned said...

I've some catching up to do here! A belated happy birthday to you both! I hope your niece is feeling much better x I'll raise a glass wishing you a new year full of goodness Kristina x

la ninja said...

felicidades, kris! :)