Wednesday, 26 October 2011

the wanderer

the wanderer

i have been thinking about this for quite a while. a place to gather the things i see. it's something i already do, in some shape, on pinterest, but i wanted a different format. another blog perhaps. in the end, it turned out to be a tumblr, something i've been very ambivalent about in the past. i felt very uneasy about the fact that many people on tumblr post images without bothering to credit them, and linking them back to a source.

i've decided to use this new place as a mood board, and i will caption whatever i find, so you can see where it comes from, go back to the source and enjoy.

it's called the wanderer.

do come by!

p.s.: should you notice any technical glitches on the wanderer, please do let me know. i've tried installing a comments function (via disqus) - however, it doesn't seem to work just yet. in the meantime, your best bet to let me have your feedback is right here!

UPDATE: the comments function is now live on the wanderer! click on the date of the post you would like to comment on, et voilà...


alexandria said...

This is really excellent.

Kaylovesvintage said...

love it...the name is wonderful

Anne said...

oh nice, love it! wonderful name indeed!

MANDY said...

Oh great .... look forward to having a look !!!

Mary said...


by the way, there are some excellent pierre soulage's hung in specially designed rooms in the new wing of the musée fabre here. you'll have to come for a visit!

fen and ned said...

Great tumblr kristina!
Have a lovely weekend xx

danica said...

looks great, kristina!

i completely get what you mean about tumblr - it is infuriating when people post an image without linking back to the source.

máni said...

looking good! and wonderful name. :)

Unknown said...

am following you there, looks great!
I love my tumblr as a place to post without the need for words. Yes the re-bloggers can be a pain but they mostly take your images off your flickr anyway rather than tumblr in my experience.

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi everybody, thank so much!

suzie: i don't mind re-blogs, i just think the credit with the artist's/maker's name and a source link should be there. it takes a moment, but i think habits should change to make this a natural courtesy we pay.