Thursday, 27 January 2011

on endings and beginnings

konk, berlin
konk, berlin
konk, berlin

the last few days of january are here. and as the month draws to an end, i'm finding myself, yet again, thinking about endings and beginnings. how come we can't hold time when things are just right, why is it eternally moving forward? it's the basic condition we live in. so we might as well look forward to the next beginning, right? i'm hoping february has a few rays of sunshine in store.

p.s.: my post about konk is up, take a look over at mostly berlin!

p.p.s.: i almost forgot: if you're in london (or near), february will see two exciting events that you may want to check out:
a portfolio review day, organised by the photographer's gallery (apply by february 11, 2011)
a series on japanese cinema since the mid-90s at the ICA


jana said...

this looks like a beautiful place.
besonders der schmuck sieht toll aus.
aluf die februarsonnenstrahlen (hier regnet's heute ausnahmsweise auch mal), liebe grüsse!

alessandra said...

the photos couldn't be more perfect for this place.
happy ending and happy beginning then!
: )

Elias said...

Here's a concept that might help...


Sammi said...

o0o its nearly february!

Marion said...

one thing ends, one thing starts, life is just a mix of these. love these pics.

Anonymous said...

I am keeping my fingers corssed for more sunshine too!

A. Jarrett said...

I simply love these captures. The light and grain are gorgeous~

alexandria said...

I think Marion said it perfectly. Happy weekend, Kristina!

fen and ned said...

I wish we could hold time when things were right, it would still be 2009 for me.
I hope there is lots of sunshine to come for you Kristina.
Oh the end of January, you have reminded me that my car tax is due! :0
Have a lovely weekend :) x