Sunday, 16 January 2011

just thinking

prater, berlin
prater, berlin
prater, berlin
prater, berlin

there are so many things to say about inspiration (or the lack thereof) - thank you so much for your comments!

the other day, jude sent me a note about searching for inspiration, or rather the wish to lure it back:

"i've been thinking about this and decided that sometimes it is okay to be fallow. just like in a garden, being fallow allows for some rejuvenation and so when the next inspirational moment happens it falls on rich ground. being still and fallow also allows for the deep part of the brain to work on things."

perhaps i'm just not very good at allowing for this and should give it a try? that being said, i've been impatient again and, wanting to shoot, have taken mary's advice to work with another kind of film in a camera i haven't used in a while. we'll see.

(the above photos were taken in early december, i only got the roll back now. do you see that little ring of light appearing on the scans i had made at the lab? i'm trying to find out what caused it. i hope it's only a smudge on the scanner's glass plate.)

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nadine paduart said...

oh, yeah... the ring. only just now i notice it. it will go.
i just wanted to say, i can see a few orange chairs throwing their legs out for a dance!
i love your photos, btw.. :)

MANDY said...

These are just beautiful ... really beautiful !!!

fen and ned said...

Great shots x I like the two people watching you through the window! x

alessandra said...

wise words too...

Sammi said...

i really love the second from bottom picture.

also why is your blog called no penny for them?

hope you're well

Sammi x

Christine said...

Beautiful images! Hope you find new inspiration this week!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i really, really love these kristina. re: inspiration, have you listened to the elizabeth gilbert talk on TED? she talks about this exact subject, i found it very interesting.

la ninja said...

fallow is good. as are your pics :)

shipbuilding said...

jude is very wise - those words are going on my wall and yes, beautiful photos.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I find Jude's comment very wise. Time to rejuvenate is important.