Wednesday, 29 December 2010

these days

prater, berlin
prater, berlin

changes can come about very quietly or very sudden. my father fell very ill a good week ago. we have no way of telling what the future holds, and to be quite honest: even if there was one, i don't think i would like to know. i'm quieter now and so very glad to have k and my family and my friends. and i'm amazed how close happiness and sadness can be. i saw my dad very poorly and held my six-week old nephew at the very same time.

i'm letting the sad moments in and meeting them with happy ones. this afternoon, i'm seeing my niece, we'll go to town and have hot chocolate.

the photos were taken on a special sunday in december when having lunch with friends, happy memories!


Unknown said...

These have a beautiful atmosphere. I am so sorry to hear about your Papa, Kristina. Mine has also been unwell for a time, it is always a worry.

isabelle said...

I am sorry about your dad. I hope that the year to come will be filled with a lot of happy moments.

fen and ned said...

I understand your words on change Kristina. Sorry to hear your Dad is unwell.
Lots of love x

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your Dad... I hope he will feel better soon.
Special hug for you Kristina.

MANDY said...

Oh Kristina I'm so sorry .... things like this are always so hard, enjoy your beautiful, special moments ... my thoughts are with you XXX

Shokoofeh said...

I am really sorry to hear about your dad, dear Kristina.
My thoughts are with you. xo

Marion said...

mille bises my dear.

jana said...

Das tut mir sehr leid Kristina. Es ist gut, dass man aus den Glücksmomenten Kraft für die traurigen schöpfen kann. Und zu wissen, dass man nicht allein ist.
Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft. Ganz liebe Grüsse.

Anonymous said...

Sad news, Kristina... happiness and sorrow, they walk together. I'll be thinking of you, and your dad. All the best to your family xox Lilli

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Your perspective on sadness and happiness is an inspiration.

Unknown said...

I'm a new reader to your blog and love the photos and the words. I'm sorry to hear that your pop sick. He's in my thoughts. Take heart and have a happy new year!

outi said...

i´m sorry to hear about your father. i hope he will get better soon.
a big warm hug for you!!!

Sammi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, Kristina. I hope he gets better soon, if that is possible

lots of love xxx

Anonymous said...

liebe kristina, das tut mir so leid zu lesen über deinen vater und hoffe, dass es ihm bald wieder besser geht...dir wünsche ich viel kraft...solche zeiten sind wirklich nicht einfach...Ganz viele liebe Grüße

Mary said...

happy new year kristina.
i really hope your dad will soon be on the mend.