Friday, 10 December 2010



is there ever a point when we've

seen enough
said enough
eaten enough
drunk enough
bought enough
done enough
read enough

i'm not talking about morals, i'm searching for an awareness. too often i only realise when i've far passed that point. and i wish i had noticed the elusive moment when i could have said: this is good. it's enough. let's stop here.

despite my recent philosophical moods (which could have to do with exhaustion), i'm intending to have a fantastic weekend. j and a from london are going to be in town. can't wait. - have a super weekend yourselves!

p.s.: this may sound far more negative than i felt - it doesn't mean at all "i've had enough", it's more a pondering on being content. i'm quite jolly actually (apart from the tiredness)!


isabelle said...

beautiful photos!
i love how you capture indoors light.

Pascale said...

I love the second one... Very much...

And I think I understand you (as far as my english goes). Searching the limit, the point where it's better for you to stop...).
Anyway, good week end...

jackie said...

I love the second photo also, I want one of those chairs!

Marion said...

Enjoy my dear K.
Enjoy a lot.

jana said...

ich mag deine philosophical moods.
sehr nachdenklich, und poetisch.
und die fotos passen so gut.
ich wünsch die ein wunderbares wochenende!

julochka said...

i do wish those "enough" moments would come with a sign, so you're totally sure about them. sadly, i often go long past enough...but i'm working on learning to see that better.

i hope your friends made it!!

happy weekend!

lamediterrània said...

Mmmm I don't lnow, maybe there is, but being aware of the exact moment maybe wouldn't be worth.
Big kisses for your great photos

la ninja said...

just a touch existential, yes. I reckon it definitely has to do with exhaustion.

have a fab w-end and get some sleep, pet. it'll do you wonders (it may take a while to get back to normal levels of energy, though :)

MANDY said...

I love your little philosophical moods, you are so right, so many people are always searching for the next bigger, better, more ... "enough" is really all you need and as I get older and wiser it becomes more clear.
Have a wonderful weekend with your friends.X

máni said...

enjoy your weekend!!!

alexandria said...

These two photos are so perfect.

P R I M O E Z A said...

i know exactly what you mean - and it's not negative - it's nice to feel content and not to be on that hungry quest for something new.

Unknown said...

Mmm, it's is difficult to know when enough is enough; less is more. But I agree, it is a positive thing, it exercises control and thought.
Great phootgraphs, as ever!

jane said...

one thing is for sure- i can never get enough of your photos :)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I usually only realize I've done too much once I've passed that point. It's difficult to know, in the moment, but I'll continue to try.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

i'm with elisabelle, the light is amazing.

the enough thing is hard. i think about this a lot, especially the materialist side of just having had enough "things". not to forget the "said" enough... to let go and move on. not sure i'll ever master it, but i do try to keep it in mind. that's living, isn't it.