Wednesday, 10 November 2010

and seven more


a while ago, astrid kindly passed an award to me and tagged me to tell you seven things about myself. thank you, astrid!

it always kind of puzzles me when i have to think about myself, usually i don't describe myself, i just am. at the same time, it can't hurt to stop and think every once in a while, right? so let's see.

- seeing a red squirrel running up and down a tree on the other side of the street makes me smile (it's over there right now!)
- i love the sound of words like 'gossamer', 'haberdashery' or 'threadbare'
- beauty touches me and makes me go all quiet
- i'm a scaredy cat
- a friend of mine told me: the best way out is through. sounds true
- time with my man and my friends is the most precious thing i own
- i'm so glad i rediscovered photography

if you'd like to play along, let us know in the comments!

p.s.: all photos taken at sgaminegg.

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la ninja said...

totally love how you describe yourself. you have a way with both images and words, miss scaredy cat :)

also, how clever is it to use pipes to hold newspapers. genius.

likeschocolate said...

Wise friend. Never thought about it that way, but it is so true that sometimes the best way out is through. Thanks for sharing a little bit about your self. I love the red squirrels too. I think they are cuter than the grey ones we have hear.

alexandria said...

What a great list and I'm glad you rediscovered photography too!

Barbara said...

oh it's always so nice knowing this kind of random things about others :) beautiful pictures btw!

Unknown said...

The sounds of words is strangenly beautiful. Keep smiling with squirrels

Sylee said...

Oh it's like looking at photos of home. Wonderful times in America now but this makes me excited to be back in Berlin soon!

MANDY said...

I think you take pleasure in the most beautiful things ... oh and I adore your favorite words too !!!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i love your answers and your friend's advice.

Ulrika said...

Wee, LOVE those photos Kristina.

julochka said...

oh, i wanna play...i need some inspiration and to get off my cryptic self-therapy posts. :-) i'll do this next. for sure. and share 7 great pix from the philippines to boot!

Unknown said...

Can i just say, I'm so glad you rediscovered photography as well because I love coming here and looking at your photos, never fail to inspire me!