Friday, 12 November 2010

sunday inspiration

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has it really been that long that i've done an inspiration post? it feels a bit like the last few weeks have flown by with lots of work and things that kept my mind occupied, and there wasn't really enough time to look for inspiration and really let it sink in. so now, i feel a bit stuck. i'm hoping things will calm down a little, or at least that i'm finding some mind space to let myself take in things. whenever i don't do that for any length of time, the well will run dry. do you know that feeling?

anyway, here are some inspirational images from a couple of very gifted photographers on flickr. do click on the link underneath the mosaic to find their photo streams and see more of their work. i think in these, the light speaks to me, as does the stillness of the nature and landscape scenes. oh, and there are rather a few blues in there as well, lightened by some golden hues, aren't there?

have a good week.

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Sammi said...

Hi Kristina, how are you? I love your mosaic up there... are you less busy with work now? I feel the season is upon me to be very busy at work now..

shipbuilding said...

truly gorgeous inspiration!

outi said...

beautiful colors in all of these.
and wardrobe shopping? uuh, i´m not good in shopping at all. i got a wardrobe from my father, it used to belong to my grandparents. it went thru a huge renovation and now it´s standing just behind me.
old stuff is always fascinating. how about some old furniture shops or floch markts?

Marion said...

you want me to come and have a look at your closet ?

lovely board K !

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi there!

sammi: i'm fine, thanks! and yes, still busy, but good busy... :) hope your busy times at work are good too!

shipbuilding: thanks for stopping by, glad you like it!

outi: i think you are right, if i'll buy a wardrobe in the future, i'd definitely look at vintage or antique ones - there are some really beautiful ones!

marion: yes please! when can you come?!

Anonymous said...

i'm kind of addicted to "wardrobe remix" on flickr lately

julochka said...

funny you mention this...i was just looking at this book today on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/ref=pe_63460_17655870_pe_i2/1600851215