Friday, 1 January 2010

one year

it's exactly one year ago today that i started no penny for them. it had been snowing, it was a quiet day, and i kind of thought: why not give blogging a try - not having the faintest clue what it would lead to.

i've made many new friends, met so very many inspiring people - both in the blogosphere and in "real life" - i've learnt an awful lot about photography, creativity, communicating and sharing. i am so grateful for all of you who come and stop by, who have encouraged me to keep going, stay curious and keep sharing what i see through my lens. i'm not sure you know how much you've helped to nudge me into a new direction. well, you did. thank you so much!

quote and graphics via daydream lily. it sums up so well how i feel about the coming year.

happy new year to you all!


Marion said...

Oh !!! So cute !
happy birthday to the blog then and happy new year to you !!! January seems to be the birthday of many blogs around here... my blog at the end of the month...

See you soon Kristina !

anna said...

I can totally relate to that quote! Happy blog birthday & new year! Looking forward to what you are going to show us in the coming year.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to the blog and happy new year! I didn't realize the blog was only one year old!
I love the quote!

Shokoofeh said...

Happy New Year dear Kristina! xo

jane said...

happy new year and blog year! can´t wait to see what you show us this year! stay warm! jane

kristina said...

happy blog birthday!

ii-ne-kore said...

happy new year to you kristina! i am so glad you found blogging a year ago, and i totally agree about all the wonderful things it leads to. i look forward to seeing more beautiful images and thoughts here in 2010:)

asphalt and air said...

happy blog birthday.
so happy to have found you here in the blog-o-sphere.
i am most certainly looking forward to the new adventures that will come along for you in 2010.
and of course, more of your lovely photos!