Saturday, 19 December 2009

corner view: books

when i was little, i used to feel guilty for not loving my dolls and furry animals quite as much as my books. i also liked to read adult's books. i read so much, in fact, that a family friend felt she had to have a word with me: "so much reading can't be good for your health, kristina." i remember that scene quite vividly - i was lying on my tummy on the carpet and was reading a three-volume-edition of some novel, completely oblivious to everything around me. that friend seriously worried about me. to no avail, as it turns out - i've gone on to uni to study literature and other book-related things and have been working in the world of publishing ever since. mark me down as a hopeless case.

p.s.: the picture spread is from one of my favourite photo books ever - family. photographers photograph their families by phaidon. caption reads: susan andrews, lois, 1996-2002. those little photo monographs are from the phaidon 55 series. and finally that vintage book, 1x1 des guten tons by gertrud oheim is a 1950s book on etiquette that i loved as a child and have bought second-hand some years ago. makes me laugh. and says a lot about the changes in western societies.

take a look at other corner views via jane's spain daily.


Anonymous said...

Always beautiful shots... Have a nice christmas time Kristina.

Ulrika said...

It's a beautiful story. And lovely shots as always!

jane said...

hey hopeless case! i loved this! thanks for the book tips- i´m going to check them out. warm hugs!

la ninja said...

ha, from hopeless case to hopeless case. I was the same and I work with languages and words too.
so, there, disbelieving friends and family members ;)

great post.

Sylee said...

I've spent the last hour poring through Environments and it inspired me to look at what other books you've mentioned here. The Phaidon family photographs book sounds so perfect, I think I have to order it for myself! I've been thinking a lot about the images we create of those we love.