Sunday, 6 December 2009


happy second of advent! (we are lighting a candle each of the four sundays leading up to christmas - traditionally people have a wreath with four candles). what traditions are you keeping alive at this time of year?

this is just a quick sign of live - this weekend i'm having my photo workshop, we spent friday night and all day yesterday in the darkroom processing our films and making prints. tricky. i'm not the most gifted student, to be quite honest, and am a wee bit impatient with my myself, but getting there, getting there... it's exciting to be sure!

just take a look at what i received in the mail the other day: jen's beautiful calendar for 2010! the new year can roll around now... hop on over to jen's blogs simply photo and simply breakfast and take a look at her new pop up shop, featuring her own work and prints by photographer friends. beautiful! maybe you still need some gift ideas...?

speaking of which: those of you who are making gifts this year rather than buying everything, do you have lovely ideas you'd be willing to share? i'm feeling creative but haven't come up with too many crafty ideas so far. thank you, thank you!

have a wonderful sunday!


Shokoofeh said...

How lovely! I love Jen's photos and this calendar is really good!

oh, and I truly envy you. I miss darkroom. so very much I couldn't describe! xo

Kaylovesvintage said...

after a short night...
I love Jen" s work, I got 4 prints from her

enjoy Advent

Jeannette said...

That´s a beautiful calendar.
So....with all your photoclasses...can we expect a calendar from you next year? ;) Cause I really love your photo´s too!
Ach...vergesse ich wieder auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Hasst du das manchmal auch das du nicht mehr weisst in welche Sprache du ein Kommentar geben willst? ;)
Ich wünsche dir noch ein wunderschöner Sonntag!

Polly said...

The photo workshop sounds very interesting, how did it go? I must say I've been tempted to try some film photography lately.

I've just noticed a Boleslawiec bowl in the last one of your corner view photos. I love Boleslawiec, I have a whole set at my home! why did I not photograph it for the corner view?

kristina said...

what a beautiful calendar! I'm thinking about ordering some calendars with my photos to give away as christmas presents. that's as creative as I'm getting this christmas, I think :-)

outi said...

hello there! beautiful calender! and a good idea. i´m planing to knit something, just that i´m not really a talent in that.. but it´s the thought that matters more, right;)
also all kinds of home made goods, dried fruits dipped in to chocolate, fudge etc. are gifts i´m going to give.

Anna said...

wow, i'm jealous of your darkroom time--sounds amazing! i'm giving away some of my photos, backed by wood and canvas and i'm also making lots of fun candies--like peppermint bark and salted caramels. hope you come up with something fun!

Schanett said...

......hmmmm... sooooo viele schöne bilder gibt es bei dir zu sehen!!! und auch einen kalender!! -- sozusagen "konkurrenz" zu meinem... ;-)

PROVINS said...

Oh lucky you..

I am making Silicone jewlerry - knittet scarfs - and printet pillows.. I can let you know how it turnes out!

alexandria said...

I'm excited for you and your class. What a treat it must be to have access to a dark room! During this time of year I like to make snowflakes and origami things. It's simple, but it seems to bring a smile to people's faces.

natsumi said...

Oh, i love this calendar and her work is amazing. Simply beautiful!

likeschocolate said...

We have been baking cookies galore as thankyou gift. I thought about making some notecards based off of photos I have taken this year.

april said...

liebe kristina, oh mit dir wäre ich gerne im fotokurs ;-) bin auch immer so ungeduldig. der kalender ist wirklich schön. vielleicht sollte ich mir auch einen bestellen. und ja, falls du nächstes jahr einen mit deinen fotos machst, reserviere ich den hiermit schon mal. ideen für homemade weihnachtsgeschenke habe ich immer viele. leider meist keine zeit dazu:
mixtape: cd mit lieblingssongs brennen, fotos als cover
ratzfatz tasche nähen (gibts als gratis download bei farbenmix) die tasche mit krimskrams füllen
lavendel duftkissen nähen
soft trees und ein reh aus dem spielzeugladen dazu
stempel selber herstellen
backen: kuchen im glas
liebe grüsse*
ps: plane einen berlin besuch im frühling*