Friday, 22 April 2011

wishing you


a perfect weekend, and if you're celebrating, a very happy easter!

have you seen this? stephanie's been "tie-dying" easter eggs. pretty.

the sugarsnaps and heirloom tomatoes are slowing sprouting on my window sill, the garden plot will officially be open for planting from 3rd may. can't wait.

(oh, and very much looking forward to meeting this traveller from marseille today!)


Marion said...

Perfect post. Enjoy everything and la passoire !

Elisabelle said...

very sweet photo.
enjoy your meeting with pascale!

Fen and Ned said...

A perfect weekend to you too! I hope you have a lovely time with pascale. These two photos are simply divine Kristina!xx

Various Projects said...

love the tie-dye link, thx! pretty blog. :)

nikaela marie said...

happy easter! xx

spudballoo said...

Perfect photos, as always. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! x

la casita said...

Enjoy the weekend and have lots of chocolate to celebrate Easter! (I always suppose that everybody love chocolate!)

la ninja said...

colander ladee! say hi from me.
have a fab w-end you too.

Mary said...

beautiful shots! have a great weekend & meet up with pascale :)

MANDY said...

Lovely ... Happy Easter to you.
and how wonderful you are catching up with Marion !!!

Pascale said...

These pics are lovely. i love your self portrait. really.