Saturday, 30 April 2011


pair one
pair one

have been playing with different angles and different degrees of abstraction - which of the two pairs do you like better? and why?

here we go:
number one.


la ninja said...


even though I like them both, I'm more drawn to this first pair. it's basically less busy, purer. you concentrate on the chosen subject wholly.
pair two is also beautiful but the background diverts the attention a tad (in my humble ninja opinion, that is.)


Sylee said...

Oh, what an interesting question! I like the first pair best -- I think those buds do best dreamy and abstracted.

Cabrizette said...

I don't know why, but the second one is my favorit !!!
Good job, Kristina !

máni said...

this set is my favourite of the two. why: it is more abstract and the objects in the background are less distracting because you can't tell what they are. and the composition is better, because no parts are cut off and the branches are positioned in a well balanced way. ha, i feel like in my art history class! i guess we don't think often enough about why we like one photo better. i often think i just feel it, but can actually explain it. okay, that's all i wanted to say. :)

Anne said...

Oh I really love this set! Number one is more abstract and really focuses on the branches, together with the the vague background that's what makes it more interesting to me :-) Have a happy Saturday!

Fen and Ned said...

Yes, what they all said!;)x

kitchu said...

so lovely, and amazing depth of field.